Google Workspace: what changes compared to G Suite


A few days ago, Google announced big changes to its suite of professional tools, G Suite . Since October 2020 , G Suite is renamed Google Workspace , and introduces many new features. Many of these changes are due to the new needs of companies today and the greater need to use collaborative and easy-to-use tools. Do you want to know what changes? We explain it to you in this post.



What is Workspace?

Workspace is a fully collaborative environment for companies, in which the user has at their fingertips all the tools they need to carry out their tasks. In this way, in the same space the user finds all the functionalities: Docs (documents), Google Meet (video conference), Gmail (email), Calendar (calendar) and Drive (cloud storage). All of this, integrated to have a better user experience and make teamwork more fluid.



What changes compared to G Suite?

Although G Suite was an environment designed for collaborative, productive and cloud work, Google wanted to introduce changes to adapt to the new needs of today's worker. In this way, the platform becomes an integrated workspace where the user can find everything they need to improve their communication and work, wherever they are. As for the news, we can find mainly 4.


1. Create documents from Google Rooms

The first novelty that Google Workspace introduces to improve the integration of its entire system is the possibility of creating documents directly from Google/Gmail Rooms . This allows the user to save time in opening Google Drive, creating the document and sharing it with their team, since with this function the three actions are summarized in one.


2. More intelligence

Google Workspace also adds more intelligence. Specifically, with its smart chip we will have much more information about the person we mention, automatically appearing a file with their data and suggested actions, based on the previous activity.


3. Link Preview in Docs

This is one more update that allows us to save time and work productively without having to open multiple windows. In this way, if someone links to content in a Google document, by clicking on it we can see a preview of what it contains . What's more, if the linked content is also a Google document, we can preview the different slides of it. As we have already mentioned, it is one of the novelties that makes Workspace a more integrated and productive space.


4. Picture in Picture mode in Google Meet

Finally, one of the most interesting novelties of Google Workspace Pricing, since with the mode PiP we can edit Google documents viendo las reacciones de nuestro equipo «face to face». This means that, if we are in a video call on Google Meet and we want to edit a Google document by changing the window, the video call will take the form of a pop-up and we will be able to continue seeing the faces of our team, in real time.

This is a very useful modification, especially considering those teams that regularly carry out remote or distance work , and do not want to lose contact while working together.



New plans

Beyond the features and user experience changes, Google has also introduced new plans. Here we explain each one and also what are the prices of Google Workspace :


Business Starter

Desde $6 / mes

Only with uCloud:


Desde $12 / mes

Only with uCloud:


Desde $18 / mes

Only with uCloud:


Ask for price

Only with uCloud:

* Coste adicional

** Dependiendo del número de usuarios contratados


1.Business Starter

This is the most essential plan of Google Workspace , it would be the equivalent to G Suite Basic. Includes all apps, secure and personalized business email , video calls for up to 100 participants, 30 GB of storage per user, security controls , and standard support . It's the best plan for new Google Workspace users and those who don't have advanced security or storage needs.


2.Business standard

The old G Suite Business plan will now have two variants. On the one hand it is in Standard, which includes the aforementioned and, in addition, video calls of up to 150 participants , with video recording , 2 TB of storage, security controls and assistance .



In this plan, video calls reach up to 250 participants , also allow video recording and additionally include the option to record attendance . Storage increases to 5TB and adds advanced security options like Vault and advanced endpoint management . It also includes standard support, with the possibility of being enhanced. Business email includes electronic discovery and data retention.



Finally, we have the familiar Enterprise plan, which pushes security to the limit by introducing S/MIME encryption, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management . As additions in video calls, it includes noise reduction and live broadcast within the domain. As for space, it is unlimited , and assistance is premium .



I'm an existing G Suite customer, will anything change about my account?

It depends on the G Suite plan you had contracted and the type of contract you have (annual or flexible).

  • Depending on the plan : on the one hand, if you had a Basic plan, it will have the Business Starter options. In the case of Business , it will become Standard. If you want to keep some features from the old G Suite Business plan, like Vault, you'll need to upgrade to Business Plus. Finally, if you have the Enterprise, it will keep the same name and will have the configurations/applications from the previous table.
  • Depending on the type of contract: in the event that you have an annual contract , the changes will not be made until the end of your contract. In the case of flexible , it is possible that you start to notice the changes depending on the plan you had.


Until when can you get old G Suite?

Old G Suite plans can be purchased until January 15 . After that, they will all be Google Workspace.


How do I know which is the best plan for my company?

If after reading the explanation about the applications and options that each plan includes, you still don't know which one is right for your company, you can contact us and we will help you choose the best plan. You can call us at +34 634 88 78 70 or send us a message at


With what plans can I record video calls?

You can record video calls with the plan Business Standard, Business Plus and Enterprise. The only plan where Meet video call recording isn't available is Business Starter.


At the security level, what is included in the Business plans?

The security settings of the Business plans are as follows:

  • Business Start Plan: security and management controls from the Administration Console.
  • Business Standard Plan: security and management controls from the Administration Console.
  • BusinessPlus plan: electronic discovery, mail data retention, and advanced security controls, with Vault and advanced endpoint management.


Can I get more discounts?

Yes, if you contact us, as Google's Official Premier Partner we can offer you more discounts. Call us at +34 634 88 78 70 or send us a message at


Can I try Google Workspace before I buy it?

Yes, at uCloudStore we have a 14-day free trial , in which you can test the Workspace utilities without any commitment and, after time, choose whether you want to hire it or not.


Do you want to hire Google Workspace?

If you are thinking of contracting Google Workspace and have any doubts, you can contact us, since as a Google Premier Partner we can help you resolve doubts, take care of the contracting of professional domains, manage your service registration and train your team. You can also call us at +34 634 88 78 70 or send us a message at

If, on the contrary, you already have Google Workspace (the old G Suite) and want to change your plan, increase your knowledge and continue growing with Google, we can also help you.


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