Migration to

Migrate your on-premises/on-promise infrastructure to the public cloud Google Cloud Platform.

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Migrate your
cloud servers

Move your application servers to the public cloud GCP. In this way, it is possible to prepare applications to achieve greater resistance and face future business challenges and ensure success.





Migrate your
cloud applications

Move an application from an environment to the Public Cloud Google Cloud. These migrations can be "as is?", which adds scalability and flexibility to operations. Also they transform? integrating cloud elements that increase efficiency and generate new functionalities.

Kubernetes, one step further
in application virtualization

Kubernetes Engine (GKE) It is the next step to virtualization and is the infrastructure standard for applications and solutions.
Allows the automation, maintenance, portability and flexibility of the software executed on them.

Store your information
in a safe way

Storage is one of the systems harder to scale and provision since it is constantly growing and usually oversize quite regularly.
The best way to maintain a healthy storage system is to use virtually infinite elements to fit to the needs of the organization in real time.

It can be used to store information accessible from anywhere in the world, rare, used by CDN or backups.

Manage your data like Google does

Data is the most valuable thing in organizations. They are what help make the right decisions and they are the ones who endorse the successes achieved. 

Google has managed to transfer this importance to the cloud and proposes a innovative use of databases as a platform that allows you to grow infinitely while reducing maintenance effort to a minimum. 

What is the migration process like?

Depending on the needs, several approaches can be taken to the definitive database migration strategy.

Incremental Migration

It allows databases to be updated gradually until an exact clone of the original information is reached.

High Availability Migration

It allows you to generate a real-time clone of the databases and derive workflows dynamically without stopping the service.

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