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Improve hybrid collaboration with your students with Google Cloud

The educational sector today

In recent years the education sector has made many changes: it has begun its digitalization process. More and more colleges and universities are providing their students and teachers with cloud services, especially from Google. However, this sector still faces certain barriers to making correct use of the applications and a lack of specific devices to work in the cloud.

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Sector problems

In order to carry out fully digital classes and from anywhere, it is necessary to have appropriate devices for this.

The current situation has meant that educational centers have to carry out distance classes, either regularly or mixed (with in-person and distance teaching).

Another problem that the educational sector encounters when purchasing devices for students is the high acquisition and maintenance prices.

The protection of students and the content they access through the computer is an essential issue for the educational sector, which is often limited by this problem.

The solution: Google Cloud for Education

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Soluciones G Suite personalizadas para todos los sectores. Visita ahora.

G Suite for Education Free

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Chromebook para todos los sectores. Explora ahora

Chromebook computer

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Comunicación eficiente a través de Hangouts para todos los sectores. Descubre ahora

Video conferencing devices

Google Jamboard Whiteboard

Why work with uCloudStore?

Advice and implementation

We will help you choose and implement the devices based on your needs.

Exclusive discounts for education

As an Official Google Premier Partner we can offer exclusive discounts.

Training for teachers

Training so that teachers and students quickly adopt the devices.

Technical support included

Technical assistance included with a deadline of to resolve any questions or incidents.

Success stories in Education

"Vedruna schools will save up to EUR 600,000 over the next 4 years thanks to the elimination of maintenance and licensing costs."

? Google for Education

Vedruna Schools and Google Cloud

Discover how Vedruna Schools managed to solve the problems of document sharing, maintenance, complexity of use and high cost of licenses.

?Chromebooks allow students to do more research on a given topic and search for more information on the Internet. "Students create and share materials with their peers and teachers and develop important digital skills."

Pablo Laspra, Professor and administrator of Social Networks and Web Services - Colegio San Ignacio de Oviedo

Jesuits and Google Cloud

Discover how the Jesuits improved student motivation and participation in classes with Google Cloud.

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