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Google Meet Hardware

Hangout Meet

Hardware Meet is the videoconferencing system specialized exclusively in Google. have one reliable video calling experience with whoever you want, from anywhere, with the best quality, and super easy to configure


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Google Hardware Meet is the videoconferencing system specialized exclusively in Google, made up of the app of Hangout Meets and video conferencing hardware. This tool includes greater comfort, flexibility and security in the professional area, since adapts to the speed of your network so you can make high-quality video calls wherever you are.

With the help of google hardware collaborative and remote work is much simpler, thus optimizing time and resources for a better experience in video calls. 

Google Meet

video conference system


Smart, 4k and adapted to the size of the room


Remote control or with touch panel, depending on the kit

speakers and camera

High quality speakers and smart microphone

What hardware does Google Meet include?

Google Chromebox

The chromebox It is a small box-shaped computer that can be connected to any monitor, becoming a powerful device.

Speakers - Speakers

The google-speaker It is the speaker microphone that allows easy and fast connection to video calls. It was designed to avoid ambient noise and adapts to any space.


The models that include high definition cameras They have a field of vision responsive design to meeting rooms of any size.


The control mechanisms of Google Hardware Meet, allow you to make video conferences and connect simply and quickly with anyone.

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very easy to use

The google meet hardware It makes the installation and configuration work easier for you. You don't need to be an expert, just connect the cables to the Chromebox and you can communicate with your team members, wherever they are.

Additionally, administrators can monitor and manage devices remotely.

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Advantages of Google Meet Hardware

App installed on the device

If you have a Chrome device, Google Hardware Meet It's already included, so you won't have to install anything. Most Android smartphones also have this app.

Share screen

Hardware Meet Allows you to share your desktop or screen. This will be very useful during your meetings, since you can share and comment live your presentations with great quality.

One-click access

With Hardware Meet You can connect to video conferences through Google Calendar, with the URL of the video call, by dialing the phone, or with a meeting access code.

record video calls

With Google Hardware Meet You will be able to record the video calls, and share them with the members of your team, to offer the best collaboration experience between teams.

The highest security

Meet protects users' information and privacy with its secure infrastructure and Google's global network. so, eThe organizer can control who enters the meeting, how and when.

Multi-language meetings

and real-time captions created with voice recognition technology from specialized exclusively in Google, everyone can easily follow the meetings. This feature is only available in English.

Artificial intelligence

The devices of the Hardware Meet Kit have technology TrueVoice, which cancels external noise, and also, the auto framing of the camera to focus on all meeting participants.

hands free function

With voice controls "Hey Google" just use your voice to join or leave video calls. You just have to speak to connect to a video call in just a few seconds.

Google Meet Hardware FAQ

During the time of the pandemic, Google has extended the limits of its application but has again limited the free accounts from 3 or more participants to a maximum of 60 minutes long. If you have a free account, the maximum number is probably 100 participants.

However, for Google Workspace accounts a maximum number of 500 participants for each session.

In April 2020, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat were renamed Google Meet which is a google-chat, respectively. In 2019, all users from classic Hangouts have been switched to the new Meet and Chat products.

In addition, to provide a single, business-class online video calling experience that could be used by everyone, Google announced a free version of Google Meet.

Depending on the size of the rooms, there are several options for Meet hardware kits. You can choose between large room kit, medium room kit, and small room kit, with prices between ? 2,026.09 and ? 5,175.93.

To find out about them and access special offers, see more information about the prices and features of Google Meet hardware kits, from ASUS, Logitech which is a Lenovo.

Yes. With the free version of Google Meet, all participants will need to sign in with a Google account to join a meeting. 

In the case of customers of Google Workspace Pricing, once a meeting is created, they can invite anyone to join without requiring you to have a specific email address from Google. Simply share the link or meeting ID with all the participants.

Meet hardware kits include a set of components designed to provide the best experience possible. If you want to use third-party hubs, cables, cameras, or speakermics, see our peripheral qualification program for more information.

Jamboards allow creativity to be incorporated into teamwork, even if they are scattered all over the world. With just a few taps, you can Jam into a Meet video conference so everyone can see ideas come to life and participate in them with the Jamboard app.

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