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Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is Google's interactive whiteboard. Increase your team's creativity and push Google collaboration to the limit.


Os Jamboards do Google foram substituídos pelo Google Meet Series One da Avocor. Para ver as novas placas, clique aqui:

Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is Google's interactive whiteboard. It takes the characteristics of a traditional whiteboard as a reference, and adapts them to the cloud and the digital environment.

It stands out for its large 55?? screen. It should be combined with more accessories, such as pencil and eraser, which make the set an intuitive element to enhance your team's creativity. Today's best tool for creative collaboration, team building, and cloud connectivity.

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55" screen

Optional rolling stand with wheels

touch pen and eraser

Collaboration and creativity in the cloud

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Google's interactive whiteboard is in uCloud

Google Jamboard Features

Google Jamboard offers a totally renewed interactive whiteboard experience, thanks to its latest generation software and hardware.

Jamboard offers a new experience of interactive board through a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software

It has a fast and intuitive interface that not only works on a large screen but also on mobile or tablet, With the jamboarding real-time collaboration becomes excellent, you will be able to help your team to develop and implement their ideas.

What does Google Jamboard give you?

Cloud connection

Attach files directly to Jamboard from your Drive and automatically save your boards, so you don't lose any data, notes or ideas.

remote collaboration

Add, modify, and edit any document on your Jamboard from other devices to increase your team collaboration.

large screen

Its big screen of 55? It will allow you to perfectly see your creations or play videos directly from YouTube.

team formations

Implement other outreach activities, such as professional training, with Google Jamboard.

Increase creativity

Google Jamboard provides multiple possibilities for creativity so that the creative processes of your team flow much better.

The ideal accessories for your Jamboard

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