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Google devices

Chrome devices are Google's suite of devices and solutions that are powered by a ChromeOS processor and include the latest web-based applications designed especially for today's organizations.

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Google Chromebook: Google laptop

Google Chromebox: computer in a box

Google Meet Hardware: video conferencing devices

Chromebook: or Google laptop

Google Chromebook devices are easy to use and very safe, with integrated anti-virus protection and a battery life of more than 10 hours . You will be able to work all day, without needing to carry it.

Chromebooks allow users to continue from where they are. With automatic updates, your device will always have the best and most recent software, all free of charge. The devices do not require configuration or long charging times. Chromebooks allow you to take advantage of the full set of Google applications.

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Comprar Chromebox

Chromebox Resources

The Google Chromebox is a small, box-shaped computer that can be connected to any monitor or fabric to become a powerful device.

It is ideal for small work stations where you need energy and/or work with various fabrics.

The Google Chromebox is a small and very economical desktop solution, which, like the Chromebook, comes with the Chrome OS and protects against viruses. It allows you to use the full set of Google applications. Thanks to automatic updates, with a Chromebox, you will always have the latest software available.

The Chromeboxes are easy to set up and use and are compact, so you don't need more lidar with a large, traditional tower.

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Google Meet Resources

Google Meet Hardware is Google's set of professional video conferencing devices. Designed to improve collaboration anywhere, this series of devices allows you to make quality video calls in your video conference rooms.

Discover now the video conferencing kits from Asus, Lenovo and Logitech.

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Advantages of purchasing our Chrome products

Dispositivos Chrome


Setup time reduced from 2.5 hours to an average of 30 minutes. Economy thanks to the central management console.


91% fewer hours spent managing images, applications, servers and help desk.


Less time wasted solving problems. Only in the initialization time, each user saves 7.5 hours to 4 minutes per year.


0 hours of virus troubleshooting.


Economize? 1135 per Chromebook every 3 years.

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