The cloud services industry today

The trend of companies to migrate to the cloud has made companies in the cloud services sector gain ground. They currently account for 60% of cloud spending, and alongside AI and PaaS they have become one of the leading trends.

These manage a large amount of data, so it is essential for them have powerful and fast servers, and always keep abreast of the latest innovations. In addition, in the current situation it is also necessary to have a efficient remote collaboration.

SaaS industry issues

Many SaaS companies are finding themselves with inefficient and low latency servers, which hinders its productivity and correct operation.

The 44% of cloud spending is dedicated to unused resources, causing companies to pay more for resources they don't need. This unnecessarily raises the cost of the infrastructure.

SaaS are companies that work with many projects, so one management of them productive and fluid is complicated.

Another problem that SaaS encounters is that manage and modify many files, they end up having a wide variety of versions and a dispersed and not very fluid organization.

The solution: Google Cloud for the Cloud Services industry

Success stories in SaaS companies with Google

The company PwC is making the leap into the cloud so as not to be left behind, since in 5 years it expects to have 240,000 employees with an average of 27 years (digital natios).


PWC and Google Cloud

Discover switched to a long-term strategy, to adapt to constant changes with Google Cloud.
Logo Webdox SaaS

"Webdox needs to process documents by OCR in a massive way, different workloads can require millions of pages to process. GCP allows us to process this information much faster since it allows us to grow the infrastructure quickly as necessary"

? Rodrigo Aliste, Product Manager - Webdox

Webdox and Google Cloud

Find out how Webdox managed to process large amounts of data with Google Cloud Platform.

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