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The Tech sector today

In this digital age, companies are changing their business model: they increasingly have more importance of technology companies. Spain is a leading country in technological innovation, especially in Fintech (technology for the world of banking), Insurtech (digitalized insurance companies), Proptech (real estate sector) and Legaltech (legal companies with technological needs).

The technology sector a 60% grew in 2019, which makes it the leading business model of the moment. However, having a technological business means one thing: being at the forefront of all changes and trends to always be ahead and be a reference.

Problems in the Tech sector

Taking into account the importance of Data Analytic management today, one of the big problems for companies is being able to support the amount of data that companies manage in such a way that it can be stored in a specific place and managed correctly.

The technology sector in many cases stands out for internationalize quickly. Consequently, one of the problems that companies encounter is that they Communication between the different offices is complicated since they do not have tools or devices that are designed for remote collaboration.

Another aspect to take into account in large technology companies is the collaboration: in order to constantly scale the project and not stop innovating, a good collaboration between teams and having environments that facilitate teamwork.

Companies search through technology an ally to make their companies increasingly faster in data processing in order to achieve scalability.

The solution: Google Cloud for the Tech sector

Success stories in Tech companies with Google

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Soluciones de Google Cloud para Mercado Libre. Explora ahora

"Working all at the same time on the same document was a positive change; on the other hand, the implementation of Hangouts Meet in our rooms gave us more flexibility on a day-to-day basis. We could include local people, people in other countries and collaborators who are home "office"

? Gabriel Carreras, Internal System Manager - Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre and Google Cloud

Discover how Mercado Libre managed to improve collaboration in teams distributed in different countries and working in home-office, with Google Cloud

"Working for a fast-moving company is not easy, but with Google Apps, we are not burdened by the hassles that otherwise, without having a solid technological platform, could slow down our daily lives."

? Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot

Hubspot and Google Cloud

Discover how Hubspot has become much more efficient and collaborative with Google Cloud.

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