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Google Chromebook

Chromebook is Google's portable computer, created to help you get things done more efficiently.

What is Chromebook?

chrome book is a laptop created by specialized exclusively in Google, to help you carry out your tasks more efficiently. Contains the operating system Google Chrome OS, focusing on web applications and cloud storage, with Google services.

Google Chromebook no setup or long loading times required. Simply turn on your device and continue working where you last left off. chrome book gives you the best of Google. integrated with  Drive, Docs, Gmail, Calendar and more, your work life will become much simpler.

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Google Apps

Automatic Updates

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Why buy a Chromebook?

long battery life

Thanks to your powerful battery, Google Chromebook It will allow you to work up to 10 hours in a row, without the need to connect it to the mains.

Cloud storage

Thanks to cloud storage, The whole team will be able to work live and collaboratively and all the work will be saved in the cloud.

maximum security

The operating system Chrome OS, and its Integrated Security, make Google Chromebook It is ideal to protect yourself from Malware and cyber attacks.

G Suite Apps

With the Applications G Suite, (Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Docs) you will have all the tools so that the experience when working as a team is perfect.

Automatic Updates

The updates they are automatic and in the background, thanks to this, your device will always be up to date and you will not waste a second of your time

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