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The importance of Google and its impact on the digital and economic environment is more than evident. But, in addition, another sector that is seeing enormous benefits from Google 's technological revolution are companies . Businesses from countries like Mexico are joining Google's collaborative environment . And this has been reflected in the latest report on the economic impact of Google in Mexico, with a generation of 47 billion pesos .

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Beginnings of Google in Mexico

Google 's jump to Mexico took place in November 2005 . Since then, it has not stopped growing: in Mexico City it has a six-story LEED-certified building with more than 280 employees in charge of improving the user experience in Mexico.

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Google's economic impact in Mexico

According to the report of «Impacto económico de Google en México» de 2018, Google's search, advertising and business tools have given very good results to Mexican companies. Next, we show you the most relevant data.

1TP3Q47 billion pesos in economic impact

These tools have helped companies, website publishers and non-profit organizations generate 1TP3Q47 billion pesos in economic activity, during 2018. When talking about economic impact, it refers to how Google has influenced Mexico in the growth and momentum of its economy.

More than 40 thousand companies

It is evident that this has been possible thanks to the fact that all these companies have begun to use Google tools and search engines, such as Google Ads and Adsense .

More than 11 thousand people

In addition, Google in Mexico has the program «Crece con Google», in which more than 11 thousand people have been trained.

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business tools

As we have said, businesses in Mexico have benefited from the use of Google tools. Among them stand out:

G Suite

One of the basic pillars in many companies is G Suite, the integrated applications for the professional field of Google. They stand out for improving productivity, collaboration which is a security of companies, since they are totally based on the cloud. In addition, it allows businesses to have their own domain for him company mail. If you want to know more about G Suite, don't hesitate to read posts like G Suite: What it is and why take it into account, either G Suite vs Office: 6 keys to choose G Suite.

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Google ads

With Google Ads , you can direct many potential business customers to them through search engines. This can be done with sponsored ads that appear throughout the search page.

Grow with Google

Crece con Google is an initiative that organizes free Google conferences and workshops in Mexico, focused on businesses and students.


In addition to these tools, there are also others such as adsense, Ad Grants, Google Analytics, Google My Business,Google Station, launch pad, Digital Garage which is a Women Will.

In addition to these tools, do not forget that together with the use of Chrome devices , the economic, time and resource savings of many companies can be pushed to the limit. If you want to know more about Chrome, do not hesitate to read Chrome OS vs Windows: 5 differences and which one to choose .

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