Google Calendar: 5 tips to get the most out of it

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Today we bring you the 5 best Google Calendar tips, which we are sure will be very useful for your day-to-day work. As you already know, Google Calendar is Google's electronic agenda. It is a free access application that can be fully exploited in the workplace, especially if you have G Suite licenses. If you're not already familiar with them, we recommend reading G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise: Which plan to choose .

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5 tips to get the most out of Google Calendar

1. Create your work schedule

This can be very useful for those who have a fixed schedule and want to have their working hours as a preset. In this way, alert anyone who wants to create an event with you outside of your working hours. To do so, you have to follow the following steps:

1- Go to your calendar settings .

2- Access the section «Horario laboral»

3- Check the box «Activar horas de trabajo». Set business days and hours. If you do the same every day, click "Copy the schedule in all".

2. Share your calendar with your team members

Sometimes it is difficult to schedule a meeting with your team, since some of them may have flexible hours or have other meetings. One of the very useful tricks is to share the calendar with them . In this way, as soon as you try to add a person to the event created in Calendar, all the appointments they have in their calendar will appear. Thus, you will be able to check the availability of your team and find a space in their calendars.

To do it:

  1. Click the space where you want to create the meeting.
  2. Add the title, day and time.
  3. Add guests. As soon as you add one, your calendar will automatically appear.
  4. You can also click on “See guest availability” and check everyone's calendar.

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Por otro lado, también tienes la opción de ver directamente el calendario de alguien añadiendo su nombre en «Reunirse con».

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3. Create notifications on your desktop

Once you have created an event or meeting, the option to send notifications to your desktop, as reminder. To do so, go to “Edit event” and in “Event details” the option to “Add a notification” will appear. There, you can specify how long before you want it to arrive and if you want it to be a notification or an email message.

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4. Access your video conference from Calendar

Google Calendar also gives you the option to access your video conferences through the app. If you have created an event, a URL will automatically be generated. In addition, if you have Hangouts Meet video conferencing hardware, you can centralize all the meetings in the same calendar and, if 10 minutes pass and the video call has not started, the room will be released .

This is very useful, both to easily access the meetings without using a computer and, above all, to optimize the use of the meetings as much as possible .

Imagen de cómo unirse a Hangouts Meet a través de una URL

5. Use keyboard shortcuts to move more easily

On the other hand, beyond the functions that Calendar has, you also have keyboard shortcuts that will help you move more smoothly through the application. Our favorites are the following:

  • Go to today :t
  • Change your calendar view:
    • Day: 1 o'clock
    • Week: 2 ow
    • Month: 3 o'clock
    • Custom: 4ox
    • Agenda: 5 oa
    • Year: 6 oy
  • Go to the next period (depending on whether days, weeks or months is in view): jon
  • Create an event: c
  • See event details: e
  • Go to calendar settings: s

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If you have found this post useful, you will see that Google Calendar is a very easy-to-use application that can improve your day-to-day work. This is one of the features that all G Suite tools share.

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