How to save your company documents in the cloud

Guardar documentos en la nube

Saving all the data and files of a company in the cloud is a practice that is common among many businesses. However, it is possible that yours has not yet implemented cloud services for companies, so if you still have doubts about what the cloud is and how to save files there, we will explain it to you in this post .

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What does it mean to save your documents in the cloud?

Yes, it seems very obvious but when you are not involved in this world it is not so obvious. Saving documents in the cloud means storing all your data in an infrastructure or network that is on the internet and, therefore, is not in a physical space. On a practical level, this means being able to access all your data and files from anywhere, without always having to use the same device.

How to save your files in the cloud?

If what you want is to start implementing in your company the practice of saving all your data and documents in the cloud, first of all you should follow these steps.

1. Find the perfect platform for companies to store files in the cloud

There are multiple options: Google Drive, One Drive (Microsoft), Dropbox, Box... However, if what you want is an integrated application that gives you multiple options designed for business, beyond storing files, a good option is Google Drive. . This application is included for free in Google applications without professional domain (Gmail). Even so, if you are a company, it is better that you have your own professional domain with the G Suite plans and thus you can enjoy more applications and configurations for businesses . If you want to know more, read here .

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2. Configure access to the platform

It seems obvious, but once you have created your storage unit to save your files in the cloud, you must configure it . In the case of Google Drive, you can give full access to all members of your company who have the same domain, to specific people or, also, to members outside the company. All this, with the highest level of security thanks to its administrator panel that allows you to give and remove full access whenever you want. Along with other security settings, this makes using the cloud more secure and reliable than physical storage.

Para dar acceso a tus miembros en Google Drive tan solo tienes que ir a la carpeta que quieres com partir, clicar la flecha hacia bajo e ir a «Compartir».

3. Upload your documents and create new ones

It's that easy , you already have your cloud storage unit created and shared with your team. If you have Google Drive, you just have to start saving in the cloud by creating folders and uploading your files , or creating documents from scratch. Remember that even if you previously used the Office tools, you can continue editing and viewing them also through Google Drive (we explain it here ).


The best tool to save your company's files in the cloud

In case you have your business, although you have several options, our recommendation is that you start using Drive . As we have already mentioned, contracting the entire pack of G Suite licenses (5.20? per month) you will also have your professional domain (, all your work applications and security settings.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!

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