Hangouts vs Skype: The best video calling app

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In recent years, business dynamics have changed a lot. The trend is that workers increasingly need a flexible environment accessible from anywhere in the world . It is for this reason that videoconferencing and online teamwork are becoming more and more necessary. And, for this, you need good software (and hardware, although we already talked about it in the post Hangouts meet: what it is and what hardware it includes ) that allows you to communicate with your team quickly and easily. Google Hangouts and Skype can be good options, fully compatible with your devices (Chrome or not).

Do you want to know the differences between both applications? From UcloudStore we have written this post to help you decide which is the best option for your company.


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Differences between Hangouts and Skype for Business

1. Installing the app

One of the main differences between Hangouts and Skype for Business is the need to install the software on your Chrome device. If you have a Chrome device, Hangouts is already included , so you don't need to install anything . On the other hand, a large part of Android smartphones also have this application by default. On the other hand, Skype requires installation on Chrome devices, although it does not require a very high effort either since you can find it in the Chrome Web Store .


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2. Synchronization with your calendar and multiple ways to access

On the other hand, it is important to note that with Google Hangouts you can access video calls in multiple ways. For one, you can sync your G Suite data and calendars . This allows you to create events in Google Calendar and send the invitations through Gmail. Thus, anyone who accepts your invitation can access directly from them with a single click. In addition, if you have meeting devices , such as Hangouts Meet Hardware , you can also access directly from them. Other forms of access are meeting access codes, third-party video conferencing systems , telephone dialing , or direct access from the video call URL.

On the other hand, Skype for Business only allows you to access it from an event or email, direct dialing of a phone or URL.

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3.Screen Sharing

Both Hangouts and Skype have the ability to share your desktop or screen. This can be very useful during your meetings, since you can share and comment on your presentations live. However, from within Hangouts it can be much easier and with higher quality than with Skype for Business.

4. Video call recording and live broadcast

Google Hangouts (with the Enterprise plan) goes a step further and gives you the option to record your video calls . This can be very useful for your business if you want to record your presentations and then show them to your team members. You can also take the opportunity to use your video calls to record and store training material . If you want to know more about this possibility or how to do it, you can read this Google post .

Also, if you want to broadcast these video conferences and live events on YouTube, with Google Hangouts you can do it too. For more information about this process click here .

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5. Usability of the app

If you are already a regular user of Google, you will know that one of its main objectives is to make day-to-day work easier . In this case, the Hangouts app has a better user experience and is much easier to use. Therefore, for a user who has never used it or is unfamiliar with video conferencing software, the process of adapting to it can be much faster.


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Hangouts vs Skype, which one do you prefer?

As we have already said, both applications are fully compatible with our devices. However, if what you want is to have ease and comfort to access your video conferences, our recommendation is that you stay with Hangouts. If you're already a G Suite user, you'll find it more convenient and useful to use Google Hangouts. If not, but you're thinking of using Hangouts, you'll do well to read this post about G Suite plans .

Are you decided? You can purchase one of our G Suite plans on our website or, if you want to go one step further, you can get one of our video conferencing devices . If you still have doubts about which device to incorporate in your company, you can contact UCloudStore thanks to the contact form that you will find on the website or by calling +34 634 88 78 70 . Our expert professionals in the field of videoconferencing devices will advise you based on the size of your company and the needs of your sector.


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