Hangouts vs Skype: La mejor app de videollamadas

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In recent years, business dynamics have changed a lot. The trend is that workers increasingly need a flexible environment flexible and accessible from anywhere in the world. Es por este motivo que las videoconferences y el trabajo en equipo online cada vez son más necesarias. Y, para ello, necesitas un buen software (y hardware, aunque de ello ya hablamos en el post Hangouts meet: what it is and what hardware it includes) that you Allow you to communicate with your team quickly and easily. Google Hangouts y Skype pueden ser unas buenas opciones, totalmente compatibles con tus dispositivos (Chrome o no).

¿Quieres saber las diferencias entre ambas aplicaciones? Desde UcloudStore hemos redactado este post para ayudarte a decidir cuál es la mejor opción para tu empresa.


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Diferencias entre Hangouts y Skype Empresarial

1. Installation of the app

One of the main differences between Hangouts and Skype for Business It is the need to install the software on your Chrome device. If you have a Chrome device, Hangouts ya viene incluido, hence no need to install anything. On the other hand, a large part of Android smartphones also have this application by default. Instead, Skype requires installation on Chrome devices, although it does not require much effort since you can find it in the Chrome Web Store.


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2. Synchronization with your calendar and multiple forms of access

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that with Google Hangouts you can access the video calls from multiple ways. On the one hand, you can sync your G Suite data and calendars. This allows you create events in Google Calendar and send the invitations by Gmail. This way, anyone who accepts your invitation can access them directly from them with a single click. Furthermore, if you have meeting devices, as Hangouts Meet Hardware, you can also access directly from these. Other forms of access are access codes of the meetings, third party video conferencing systems, he telephone dialing or hedirect access from the Video call URL.

Instead, Skype for Business It only allows you to access it from an event or email, direct dialing from a phone or URL.

Imagen de la Sincronización Calendar y Hangouts

3. Screen Sharing

So much Hangouts as skype cuentan con la posibilidad de compartir el escritorio o pantalla. Esto te puede resultar muy útil durante tus reuniones, ya que puedes compartir y comentar en directo tus presentaciones. Sin embargo, desde Hangouts can be a lot easier and with a higher quality than with Skype for Business.

4. Recording video calls and live broadcast

Google Hangouts (con el plan Enterprise) va un paso más allá y te da la opción de record your video calls. This can be very useful for your business if you want to record your presentations and then Show them to your team members. También puedes aprovechar para usar tus videollamadas para grabar y almacenar training material. Si quieres saber más sobre esta posibilidad o cómo hacerlo puedes leer este post de Google.

Also, if you want broadcast these video conferences and live events on YouTube, con Google Hangouts you can do it too. For more information about this process, click click aquí.

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5. Usability of the app

If you are already a regular Google user, you will know that one of its main objectives is to make everyday work more easy. In this case, the application of Hangouts has a better user experience and is much more simple to use. Therefore, for a user who has never used it or is unfamiliar with video conferencing software, the process of adapting to it can be much faster.


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Hangouts vs Skype ¿Con cuál te quedas?

As we have already said, both applications are fully compatible with our devices. However, if what you want is to have ease and comfort To access your video conferences, our recommendation is that you stay with Hangouts. Si ya eres usuario de G Suite, te será más cómodo y útil usar Google Hangouts. Si no, pero estás pensando en usar Hangouts, te irá bién leer este post about G Suite plans.

Are you determined? you can purchase one of our G Suite plans en nuestra web o, si quieres ir un paso más allá puedes hacerte con uno de nuestros video conferencing devices. If you still have questions about which device to incorporate into your company, you can contact UCloudStore thanks to Contact Form which you will find on the website or by calling the phone +34 634 88 78 70. Our expert professionals in the field of videoconferencing devices will advise you based on the size of your company and the needs of your sector.


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