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For years, Google has been completely changing the world of education. Specifically, since the arrival of G Suite Google for Education , and the introduction of other applications such as Google Classroom , a vast majority of educational centers have gone digital in a revolutionary way. However, there are still many teachers who do not get the most out of them. It is for this reason that in this post we leave you with the best ideas of Google G Suite for Education for teachers .


1. Presentations for Faculty with Google Slides

A good way to make weekly faculty meetings more visual and collaborative is to use Google Slides . In them, for example, you can enter spreadsheets with the results and data of your classes, updated 100%. In this way, since the spreadsheet document will be linked to the presentation, you will not have to manually update the tables weekly.

Presentaciones Google Suite for education ideas para profes

2. Show a new project to the class with Google Slides

In the event that your school works on projects, Google Presentations will be very useful. These will allow you to make presentations quickly and collaboratively, so if the project is organized by different teachers, it will be much easier to add content working with the same version of the document . You can also add comments and tasks to make it easier to make changes.


3. Create a web page with Google Sites

If you're new to Google Sites , it's one of the apps that comes with G Suite for Education . This allows you to create totally public web pages, or restricted to a certain area , such as all the users of a school. You will be able to develop all kinds of projects, such as a web page for a specific class, for a project, or simply to create infographics or designs. You can also ask your students to create their own web page as part of a school project.

Imagen de Google Sites


4. Conduct interviews and surveys with Google Forms

If in any of the projects you want to teach your students to do research , both qualitative and quantitative , Google Forms can be an excellent option to make it as real as possible. They themselves will be able to make their own forms with all kinds of answers (multiple selection, open, single selection...) and analyze the results thanks to the graphs that are automatically created.


5. Create a collaborative mural with Google Draw

Google Draw is a perfect application for teaching, since it allows you to create all kinds of graphics collaboratively and in real time . For example, if you want your students to make a group mural, they will be able to do it digitally and thus you will also be able to access the history of changes to find out who has made each contribution. This application will allow you to make all kinds of designs, such as time lines, infographics and much more .


6. Create a birthday timeline with Google Draw and Google Sheets

Knowing the birthdays of the students to be able to congratulate them and improve the camaraderie among the class can be very easy using Google Draw or Google Sheets . For example, using Google Draw it can be done in a timeline format as mentioned above, while with Google Sheets you can make a calendar or Gantt chart in which each student can indicate their birthday.

Google Draw G suite for education ideas para profes

7. Use a digital whiteboard with Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard from Google , perfect for education. However, if you don't have a physical whiteboard, you can use the Jam app, included in Google G Suite for Education. This can be used both from the computer and from a tablet , and it can be a good option to give classes remotely and be able to write live or to ask students to do exercises (mathematics, drawing...) to be able to correct them directly there. .

Google Jamboard Ideas para profes G Suite for Education


8. Brainstorm among students with Jamboard

Another use that you can give to Google Jamboard is the creation of brainstorming sessions . This application allows you to insert post-its, images, videos and all kinds of content. Brainstorming projects or creating a collaborative moodboard will be very easy. It is a good option both if you are doing distance classes or to encourage teamwork from home .


9. Take online tutorials with Google Meet

Surely you already know Google Meet. This well-known application for video conferencing was one of the most used in education during online classes in 2020. However, it is also an excellent option when doing hybrid or face-to-face classes, since it can allow you to tutor online. These can be suitable both for direct monitoring of the student and for talking with parents.

Google Suite for education videollamadas google meet


10. Assess assignments in Google Classroom

The latest idea with Google G Suite for Education for teachers is to use Google Classroom as a space in which to evaluate tasks, both individually and in groups. You will be able to create the tasks directly in the application, ask the students to upload them and correct them directly in it. This way you will be able to centralize the deliveries of tasks and the notes of all the students.


Google G Suite for Education: do you have more ideas for teachers?

If you have any questions or have any ideas that may be useful to other teachers who are using Google G Suite for Education , we will be very happy to hear from you in the comments. Remember that if you want to continue training in Google for Education applications or need Google school supplies, such as a chromebook for students, you can contact us.


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