chromebook for education

Purchase Chromebook computers for education with discounts of up to 10% in volume sales. Education Chromebooks are the ideal solution for schools and training courses, designed to work from anywhere.

We will advise and help you

As a Google Premier Partner we can offer you discounts of up to 10% in volume sales for education which is a help you to select the best Chromebooks for students and integrate the devices into classrooms.

Cheapest Education Chromebook Models

Asus Chromebook 214MA

Asus Chromebook 204MA

Lenovo Chromebook 300e

Lenovo Chromebook 500e

Chromebook is the best option for students

Take the learning home

The Chrosmebook offer flexibility to the student and allow him to work from anywhere.

Multiple creation possibilities

Student Chromebook computers have touchscreens that allow you to edit and create in multiple ways, expanding the possibilities of performing exercises from any place.

Make tutorials

With Google Chromebook Education, teachers and students will be able to tutor wherever they are.

Why Chromebook for Education?

 ? Computers for schools with a cost a 60% lower.

 ? Easy to use and integration with G Suite.

 ? computers that they adapt to learning needs and teaching space.

 ? Robustness and durability of Chromebooks for school use.

 ? Little maintenance, since it has Automatic Updates.

 ? Easy administration and absolute control of the device and the contents that can be accessed from the administration console.

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