Google redesigns G Suite logos and announces new features for Google Workspace


Since Google announced its evolution from G Suite to Google Workspace , the image of the icons of the Google applications enjoy a more uniform appearance. In addition, with this new change, Google has taken a step forward in terms of innovation and has improved the integration of the tools, adding new features to them. All this, in order to continue optimizing the performance of its tools focused on all those work groups that are in the cloud.

With the introduction of Google Workspace, Google has reconfigured the image of its product logos and improved the functionality of its services.

The new icons have been designed with the corporate colors of Google, with the aim of creating a homogeneous visual identity in all the brand's applications and products. Unlike G Suite , where each application had a color that represented it, thanks to this new change the user can more easily identify all the tools that the Suite comprises. On the other hand, this fact has improved the identification by the user in terms of synchronization between all the collaborative applications offered by Google.


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The new paradigm Google Workspace

, includes the Google application package (G Suite), and evolves as a new communication platform to improve collaborative work and communication in companies and institutions, both among the members of the organization themselves, and with contacts outside the company . Also. It makes it even easier for users to identify with collaborative work tools is the objective of this new workspace.


Google's new scenario starts with the intention of guiding the user towards a more integrated experience between all of Google's communication and collaboration tools. This suite of tools consists of your company's personalized email and collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and many other services and features.

Design changes:

has introduced a series of changes in the designs of its logos, betting on uniformity and brand identity, based on the colors of its foundation. In this way, the new illustrations contemplate and better exemplify the relationship between all the collaborative tools that Google offers, in terms of synchronization:

Gmail: The mailbox of gmail, pasa de tener  un diseño en forma de sobre a una M de «Mail» con los correos corporativos de Google. De este modo, con Google Workspace Pricing mail is unified gmail, as the main tool of the Google Application Suite.


Google Drive: The illustration of Google Drive is the one that has had the least modifications. The design has been preserved and Google's corporate colors have been introduced to improve identification with the rest of the Google Workspace applications.

google-gsuite-drive   google-workspace-drive

Google Sheets: The design of the Google Sheets logo has been the one that has had the greatest optimization in terms of meaning. The new image of the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides logo represents all documents, spreadsheets and presentations united in the same logo. In the G suite version, each Sheet in Google's office suite had a color. In Google Workspace, the design includes all the colors, so we achieve a simplification in the design and a synthesis of the elements.




Google Calendar: The change of the image of Google Calendar , is conditioned to the uniformity with the rest of the images of the new workspace. So the Google Calendar illustration has gone from being a conventional calendar sheet to a calendar box with Google's corporate colors.


Google Meet: In the case of the Google Meet professional video calling application, it is the design that has undergone the most changes. While in the G Suite version it was associated with a camera in a green dialog box, the redesign in Google Workspace focuses all the prominence on the video camera (the essential element), this being the only figure that appears in the cartoon , of course, with a visual identity associated with the corporate colors of Google.



New features and upcoming releases for Google Workspace: 

Si quieres conocer con detalle todas las funcionalidades que Google ha introducido con el paso de Gsuite a Google Workspace, en uCloudStore te recomendamos que leas el artículo de nuestro blog: «Google Workspace: What changes in relation to G-Suite“. In this article you will be able to see in detail the most significant changes of this new work scenario, as well as information about its rates and answers to the most frequently asked questions by users.  

On the other hand, if you want to follow up and have a little preview of Google Workspace products and features, which have been publicly announced for release, first of all, you should know that Google adds new items approximately on a quarterly basis, and confirm, Thus, it is constantly under development. So, by accessing this link, you can check the list ofupcoming Google Workspace releases .

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