Google for education: How to take advantage of Chromebook in your school


The ideal tool for students and teachers

Colleges, schools and universities drive technological change to adapt to the new collaborative tools offered by Google for Education . In this article we will talk about Chromebook for school use or, what is the same, Google Chromebook for Education , and how its functionalities in education can give students and teachers the possibility of going further in terms of collaborative work , achieving improve academic productivity and favoring the organization of work groups.

The educational sector is preparing for a change that goes beyond the classroom, it is to extend the work of the school or university to the Google cloud . Through Google Workspace applications ( formerly G Suite ), improving the performance of group work is much easier, favoring student learning and improving teacher monitoring while carrying out a job. A fact that improves the end result of all jobs.

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The boom in demand in the education sector

The situation and the 'chaotic' end of the 2019-2020 academic year have suggested to teachers, directors and facility technicians, value the fact of incorporating a new communication system between students and teachers. Thus, Chrome OS technology has already been chosen by several educational institutions, from all kinds of courses and training.

The increase in demand for videoconferencing solutions in schools and universities has added points when assessing the renewal of the fleet of old computers and starting to incorporate a Chromebook for children , one of the most demanded Google devices .

Why choose Chromebook and G Suite for Education for your school?

Chromebook is the solution when it comes to laptops that are fast, durable and designed for everyday use. This fast, intelligent computer that adapts to all ages and has a practical and dynamic operation that favors team collaboration, work monitoring and planning among members of the same work group; among other things. Incorporating Chromebook for colleges and universities is to take a step forward in the way of organization, collaboration and efficiency. In addition to helping our students to become familiar with an environment in which they can later apply in companies.

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1. Chromebook in primary and secondary

Using a Chromebook in primary and secondary education can bring many benefits in the first and middle steps of a student's education. If we focus on Chromebooks for children , this computer can help us introduce the little ones to a work structure that favors group learning. In addition to the joint use of audiovisuals and tasks, it is an ideal tool for sharing and posting daily tasks safely. On the other hand, Chromebook and G Suite advocate the relationship with parents and student monitoring, whose availability will be improved, giving the teacher the possibility of monitoring the student through a video call with their legal guardians.

The use of Chromebook for teenagers , on the other hand, can be useful if we want to avoid distractions in our students while a class or tutorial is being taught on a group or individual student basis. On the other hand, thanks to cloud storage , Chromebook and G Suite for Education, they can provide you with a structure and work platform to introduce high school students to teamwork. A fact that favors their growth, favors their continuity in their studies and will have a positive impact on students who wish to continue with a university or specialized training.

2. Chromebook in universities

On the other hand, the use of Chromebook for university students provides optimal performance in such tasks, such as collaboration between student work groups, conducting classes or tutorials through Google Meet , being able to record them and extend or send them later. to students who have not been able to attend class. In addition, the Chromebooks for students facilitate the work of the students, being able to hold work meetings more frequently, by reducing the requirement of physically moving for the majority of the members.

In addition, this functional environment allows us that the classes whose teacher invites an expert in the field, can be more frequent, since it will not be necessary for the specialist to travel . In the same way, presentations of up to 250 participants can be held, so that it has never been easier to extend knowledge to members of different university courses.

Google Apps for Education

Among the many applications that Google makes available to us, those of Google Apps for Education stand out in the educational sector. A package that, in addition to G Suite solutions, such as Gmail, Calendar, Sheets or Drive, has other applications for the development of functionalities and with a view to getting the most out of Chromebook for schools and universities. In this article, we will focus on the Google Classroom application and how it can help us to promote the progress of our students.

Google Classroom

is an application designed for teachers and students to work together. In other words, it helps teachers and students in planning and organizing homework, improving collaboration and fostering new communication mechanisms among students. By improving productivity, we are taking a step forward in teaching.

With a school Chromebook and Google Classroom, teachers can focus on doing what they do best: teach . In this way, teachers, teachers and doctors distribute documents where all the children can work collaboratively and synchronized , as well as project it on their blackboard to favor debates and communication among those present. This fact allows great attention on the part of the students, giving them the possibility of improving their opinions and thus helping their formative development and expression.

The best discounts on Chromebooks for colleges and universities

At uCloudStore we want to recommend a series of Chromebooks for schools and universities manufactured and designed for students and teachers of schools, universities and educational centers. In addition to the latest models of laptops with Chrome OS technology, on our website you will find volume offers on Chromebook packs .

In this way, we have made a selection of Chromebooks for students so that you have proof of the latest and most functional Chromebook models . Many of them already serve as a solution to improve internal communication and collaboration between work groups of schools, institutes and universities. In the same way that many students are incorporating it at home in order to improve its accessibility at times of remote work.

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Implement Chromebook and G Suite in your educational center with uCloudStore

Do not wait more! Renewing the fleet of old computers is at your fingertips. At uCloudStore you will find the latest solutions to take your educational center to the cloud. In addition, we can help with training issues for students and teachers through videos or personalized presentations. In addition, we guide you in the implementation of your school Chromebook so that renewing your fleet of computers is a quick and agile matter, in addition to helping you solve any doubt that may arise, in the hands of a Google Premier Partner . The best specialists in cloud storage will recommend you based on the characteristics of each particular educational center.

Do you have any questions as a parent or teacher?

Still wondering how to deploy Chrome devices in a learning environment? If you don't know which Chromebook model is best suited to your facilities and needs of your school, or how to implement G Suite to get the most out of all its tools based on collaborative work in your educational center, we will tell you in detail, just You have to send us your question through our contact form .

If you have any questions about implementing G Suite in your college, school or university, or want to know more details about how Chrome devices can help your children in their learning career, you can visit our website and find out about the latest models at Chrome devices .

Do not hesitate any longer and start taking advantage of the advantages that Chromebook and G Suite can bring to students, in order to enhance their concerns and improve their performance safely, while obtaining better results!

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