5 differences between Google and G Suite apps

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When you start a business and it is little known, it is very important that your image generates confidence in your potential clients . This is why factors like having an email with your company name (name@yourcompany.com) are so important. If you are already using Google applications and want your business to grow, this post will interest you.

If, on the contrary, what you want is to get your G Suite plan for companies and you don't know which one to choose, we recommend that you read G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise: Which plan to choose.

Differences between Google Free apps and G Suite for Business

1. Professional domain

The main difference between free Google applications and paid G Suite is having a professional . You have to take into account that in the case of free Gmail, you will have an email type name@gmail.com. This can be valid very early on, but once you want to start making yourself known, it can generate distrust or lack of professionalism among your potential clients.

Do you think that, with the most basic Google G Suite plan , you will have all the applications and your professional domain (name@yourcompany.com) for only 5.20? a month.

Quiero las aplicaciones Google para empresas

2. More cloud storage

As you may already know, all Google apps are cloud based , whether they are free or not. You have applications like Drive , which allow you to store your documents.

However, if you have the free google apps, you will only have 15GB storage. This may seem more than enough for a private user, but for a business it may be limited. With G Suite for business, you will have between 30 GB and unlimited space, depending on the plan you purchase.

Abrir aplicaciones Google Drive para empresa

3. Guaranteed uptime

Another important issue to take into account when hiring G Suite services for your business is that it offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee . This is thanks to Google's infallible servers, which keep you connected without interruption.

Quiero las aplicaciones Google para empresas

4. Additional security options

Although Google applications in general stand out for the high levels of security that Google offers, G Suite for business is more focused on the advanced security needs that your business may need. Among them, it offers services such as double authentication or single sign-on.

Also, if your business stores many confidential files and security is a key pillar, the most advanced G Suite plans (Business and Enterprise) include applications such as Vault or Cloud Search .

¿Son seguras las aplicaciones G Suite?

5. User Administration Controls

Finally, in the event that your business is growing and you begin to form your team, it will be important to have user administration controls . With G Suite for business, you'll be able to access an Administration Console that will allow you to set settings for your account users, control access to devices, and much more.

Want to switch to Google apps for business?

If you have already decided to get G Suite for companies and benefit from all the Google applications aimed at the professional field, you can contract the licenses here .

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  1. Hello. I am in doubt about the G Suite contract because I am only in my business and I use my own domain account on the G platform for free. And I don't store as much information on the web and I don't work with other teams either.
    Will I need to purchase a basic subscription?
    Ideal to be able to know your comment.

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