10 apps for Chromebook at work


Chromebook compatibility with other non-Google apps is one of the enhancements we already announced in What is Chromebook: 8 Google Laptop Keys . This opens up a very wide range of possibilities and apps, among which we find some that are perfect for the work environment. If you are considering buying a chromebook, you can do so in our online shop as a Google Premier Partner. There, you can find the best models for the educational and professional field.

What applications can not miss on your Chromebook?

1. Google Docs

Google Docs

Surely you already know Google Docs and all its environment for editing and creating texts and data ( Sheets , Slides , Sites , Forms , Docs ). These applications are essential on your Chromebook , since with them you will be able to edit and create documents of any kind, in a more collaborative and creative way, and working remotely and in the cloud. As you already know, if you are a G Suite customer you have access to all of them with more security , access and file control possibilities.

If you are not yet a G Suite customer, we recommend that you read G Suite: What it is and why to consider it , and G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise: Which plan to choose . They will surely help you make a decision!

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2.Microsoft Office

One of the big questions that anyone asks when they want to buy Chrome is, what will happen if I still have to continue using Office 365 files? Don't worry! One of the advantages of all Chrome devices is that you will be able to continue using and editing these . You will only have to have the Office Online extension, as we already explained in the post Chrome OS: ally in any situation .

Office 365 en Chromebook


If what you want is a Chromebook application that allows you to communicate with your team , without having to send more messages to email, Slack is one of your best options. With its use, you can have all your conversations organized by creating channels, later consult all conversation histories and shared files, work with external partners and integrate this application with other . If you want to get hold of the application enter here .

Slack para Chromebook

4. Keep

One of the most improved Chromebook apps that Google introduces is Keep . This application is neither more nor less than a very intuitive blog of notes and lists with all kinds of possibilities. You will be able to save all your ideas, organize some of your pending tasks, record reminders and transcribe them automatically, save notes with images of receipts or documents and easily share everything. In addition, it has its Chrome extension so that, apart from always having your notes at hand, you can automatically save the link of the page you are on in a note when you click on the extension icon.

If you haven't tried it yet, don't wait any longer!

Keep en Chromebook

5. Adobe Android Suite

Another of the most requested applications for Chromebooks is Adobe's creative pack. Well, with Chrome you can also access them , thanks to its Android version . As you may already know, Chromebooks are compatible with Android apps that you can find on Google Play. Although it is a version with fewer possibilities than the Adobe Creative Cloud you are used to, it will take you out of more than one if you want to edit or generate images . You can find them in the Google Play store.

In case you want an alternative to Adobe, we recommend that you also try Lucidpress , an application that allows you to create all kinds of documents and content.

Android Suite

6.Google Drive

When we talk about file storage in the cloud , we have it clear: Google Drive. This well-known Google application allows you to store all your files in the cloud, share them with your team or external members you want, and create team drives . In addition, with G Suite you will have a space between 30 GB and unlimited (depending on the plan and the number of users you have).

With this application for Chromebook, you will see that it is not necessary to have a lot of internal storage space on your device, to be able to save an infinite number of files.

Google Drive en Chromebook

7.Google Calendar

We have already talked about Calendar other times. As you already know, it is the Google calendar. It stands out for being intuitive , collaborative and easy to link with other applications and utilities such as Asana. In addition, you can also synchronize it with your meetings, so that with its use your agenda can be perfectly organized.

Calendar Chromebook


It is a team work space , in which you can organize and order all the tasks of your business projects. It stands out for being very intuitive and having the possibility of organizing your tasks based on certain criteria . In addition, you can assign them to any member of your team and set deadlines. As we have said before, you can synchronize it with Calendar. This will allow all your Asana tasks to appear in your calendar.

It also has its extension for Chrome .

Asana en Chromebook

9. Cloud9

If it's a code editor and development tool you want, Cloud9 is a good choice for your Chromebook. It is an online platform for the development of applications with the most popular programming languages: JavaScript, Python and PHP, among others. If you want their extension for Chrome, you can find it in the Chrome Web Store .

Cloud 9 en Chromebook


Last but not least, is the famous Gmail. It is one of the most essential in your work. The google email It is one of the most intuitive and used, both in the private and professional spheres. Remember that together with your G Suite plan, you can also have your own professional domain (hello@company.com). Surely you already knew it, but if you still don't use it at work, you're taking a long time!Entorno de Gmail

Do you already have your Chromebook apps?

After reading this post, surely you will already be clear about which applications chrome book you need at work. If, on the other hand, you wanted more information about the applications of chrome book, get in touch with UcloudStore Through our contact form on our website. If you want more information, you can also read the article What is Chromebook: 8 keys of the Google laptop.

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