How to improve the audio and video quality in your virtual meetings with the Google Meet Hardware Kit


The Google Meet Hardware Kit is the video conferencing system designed by google, designed to improve the quality of audio and video in your virtual meetings.

To get you started, here are some useful tips to get the most out of your video conferencing solution.

Make sure you have one good internet connection, the quality of the internet connection is essential to guarantee good audio and video quality in your virtual meetings. Then, set video qualityIf you have a slow internet connection, you may need to set the video quality to ensure smooth streaming. The default setting is high quality, but if you're having trouble connecting to the internet, you can change the video quality to a lower resolution.

Secondly, use proper lighting, as lighting is important to ensure good video quality. It is advisable to have adequate lighting in the room where you are, if the room is dark, you can use additional lights to illuminate, although it must be accompanied by a quality camera, if you use a webcam, make sure it is of good quality. The camera must be able to capture clear and sharp images so that you can be seen clearly in the meeting.

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1. Turn any meeting space into a Google Meet room

If you want to transform any meeting space into a google meet room, there are a few steps you can take to make sure the virtual meeting be successful.

First, you'll need the right hardware for an optimal Google Meet experience. Google offers a hardware kit (Google Meet hardware kit) which includes a camera, a microphone and a speaker, but you can also use compatible devices from other manufacturers.

Once you have the hardware, you will need to install the google meet app on your device to access virtual meetings. It is important to set up the meeting space so that it is easy to use and accessible, with a good Internet connection, a screen for sharing presentations, and a comfortable place to sit.

Before the meeting, you should send the invitations to the participants with detailed instructions on how to join the meeting. It's also important to run a system test to make sure everything is working properly, such as the camera, microphone, and speakers. and during the meeting, make sure all participants are quiet to minimize background noise. If you want to show a presentation or document, share your screen. Remember that you can also record the meeting for future references.

By following these steps, you can transform any meeting space into a meeting room. google-meet and have one successful and effective virtual meeting experience.

1.1. Small living room

If you are setting up a small meeting room, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind to ensure a successful meeting experience.

First, you need to make sure that the hardware you use is suitable for a small room. If you have a small room, you can opt for a more basic hardware kit or use compatible devices that are better suited for tight spaces.

When it comes to setting up the room, make sure there is enough space for all the participants and that it is comfortably lit. You should also consider the acoustics of the room to avoid echoes and other audio problems. For this, you can choose to place a tapestry or heavy curtains on the walls to help absorb sound.

Our recommendation: ASUS Google Meet Hangouts Starter Kit

1.2. medium room

You may need a Google Meet most complete hardware kit that includes a camera, a microphone and a loudspeaker of greater range and quality. Alternatively, you can go for compatible devices that are suitable for medium spaces.

Regarding the configuration of the room, it is important that there is enough space for all the participants, and that it is comfortably lit and ventilated. You should also pay attention to the acoustics of the room and consider placing heavy drapes or drapes on the walls to help absorb sound.

In a medium room, you may need to adjust the camera to cover a wider area of the room, and use a conference microphone with a longer range to pick up audio from all participants. You may also consider using external speakers for improve audio quality during the virtual meeting.

Our recommendation: Google Meet Series One Room Kits by Lenovo – Medium Room

1.3. Big room

In a Big room, it can be useful to use additional screens to display presentations and other visual materials. You may also consider installing multiple video conferencing systems in different parts of the room to ensure that all participants can see and hear each other clearly.

Lastly, it's important to run audio and video tests before the meeting to make sure everything is working properly. Also, you need to make sure that all participants know how to join the meeting and what hardware and software they will need.

Our recommendation: Series One Board 65 by Avocor

2. Devices for personal spaces that integrate Google Meet

If you are looking for devices Google Meet hardware kit for personal spaces, there are several options available. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Webcam: a webcam is a simple and inexpensive way to add video to your virtual meetings. Google Meet is compatible with a wide variety of webcams, which means you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Headphones with microphone: To ensure crisp, clear audio quality during your virtual meetings, a good pair of headsets can be an excellent choice. There are many options available on the market, from basic headphones to high-end models with noise cancellation.
  • All-in-one conferencing devices: If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for your virtual meetings, there are several conferencing devices that integrate directly with Google Meet. These devices typically include a built-in camera, microphone, and speakers, and plug directly into your computer or laptop.
  • Smart displays: If you want a more complete solution for your personal space, a smart display can be a great option. These devices include a built-in display, camera, microphone, and speakers, and allow you to make video calls and access other online services directly from the screen.

2.1 Google Meet Series One Desk 27 by Avocor

the pen display Avocor Desk 27, is the new Google monitor in format all in one of 27 inches. Ideal for living roomsand 1-2 people and personal workspaces. This device has a 5MP camera, with 8 micros and artificial intelligence from Google. Thanks to the desk-monitor format, collaborative video calls can be held in the same room.

The Series One Desk 27 by Avocor is designed to perform collaborative video calls, as it integrates with collaborative Google applications, such as jamboarding which is a google-meet.

2.2 Logitech Solutions for Small Rooms

logitech offers small size video conferencing solutions, medium and large, these pre-configured systems include a logitech conference camera, a mounting part of chromebox with cable retention and Logitech Tap touch controller.

It is intended for focus rooms and smaller conference rooms.

2.3 Google Meet Series One Room Kits by Lenovo

The video conferencing kits Google Meet Series One Room Kits by Lenovo, are the equipment for videoconference rooms designed by Google and Lenovo. They are prepared to equip all kinds of spaces and be able to hold quality meetings from anywhere. Count on ChromeOS operating system and have been designed to be used in conjunction with the Google Meet technology.

Google Meet Series One Room Kits by Lenovo has 3 types of kit: for small, medium and large rooms. In this way, the technology adapts perfectly to the characteristics of each room and the number of people attending the meeting.

Each of the videoconference packs includes a computer system combined with other components, such as a smart cameracontrol (remote or touch depending on the kit), microphone bases and smart audio bars.

2.4 ASUS Google Meet Hangouts Starter Kit

ASUS Google Meet HMH Standard Kit is a videoconferencing system designed for broadcasting video calls which is a meetings doing use of Google Meet and Hangouts. This kit includes the essentials so you can raise the level when making video calls. And it is that the Starter model allows you to improve communication with work groups, clients, or students thanks to its camera and speaker. Thanks to the built-in remote, you can remotely control the console of your ASUS Google Meet Starter Kit. In addition. incorporates the asus speakermic speaker, thanks to which you can improve the audio of your meetings for a better experience.

Thanks to starter kit from ASUS you can enhance the experience of your meetings to the fullest. If you have a medium or small room size, you can take full advantage of its versatility and operation perfectly designed to be compatible with cloud applications. With ASUS HMH Standard Kit You will improve all the functionalities of collaborative work thanks to its easy adaptation with google apps and others chrome devices.


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