Nod reactions for Google Meet

nod reactions for google meet

Nod reactions for Google Meet it is one of the best google chrome extensions for Google Meet.

One of the most common problems that people face with Google Meet or even during online classes is that it is difficult to get feedback during presentations. Thanks to this application it is possible react in real time, without interrupting the call, although the extension must be activated by all participants in the call. 

It is mainly intended for the school use, since it is very easy and intuitive to use, and if we think of professional use, it may not be complete enough. Also, the icons are the ones we are used to using in any message we send, this makes it close, something informal and fun. 


1. What is nod reaction for google meet?

Nod reactions for Google Meet is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to react or view the reactions of the people who are participating in the same meet, via smileys. This action is performed when users find their microphone disabled, for example because they are presenting their screen and cannot see the faces of the other members. Thanks to this application you can see the reaction that is being made live at any time, even interact with them without having to activate the microphone or put on the webcam.

You can also enable notifications of each reaction, being able to customize each reaction and associate it. In this way, andIt's the perfect application to use in class, and receive feedback from students. Whether it's doubts, changing the subject or whatever is necessary. 

For example: 

  • I have a question / I want to speak *Icon of a hand* ?????
  • I don't understand *Question symbols* ?
  • I'm lovin 'it *Heart* ?
  • I think it's a bad idea *Symbol of anger* ?

?Do you prefer option A or B??

  • Option A *Thumbs up* ?
  • Option B *Thumbs down* ?

Something to keep in mind that can be the most negative of the extension is that we only found it available in web format, excluding the use of all people who are connected from a mobile or tablet.


2. What is the nod reactions for google meet extension for?

Once we download and install this extension, we can already react in real time, without interrupting the call. The extension must be activated by all participants in the call, to be able to react and see the reaction of others. We also find a waiting time between reactions, thus helping to prevent the chat from becoming saturated and being able to interact with users in an easier way.

In the extension, we find a great variety of icons, and we are going receiving updates that are including more icons, interface improvements, an increasingly intuitive extension. Each time is more used by students and teachers to carry out their classes with Google Meet. 


3. Steps to start using nod reaction for google meet

Installing this application is very very easy:

we open our google chrome browser

We search and enter the Google Chrome Store

We put in the search engine ?Nods for Google Chrome? 

We click on ?Add to Chrome?

I would already be!!

we would only lack open Meet or Hangouts to start enjoying this extension (Remember that you can customize the icons in your own way)



 4. So how to activate reactions in google meet?

After install the Nod Reactions for Google Meet extension, it will automatically activate each time we enter a Meet or Hangouts call. In case it does not appear first, we open our extensions and click on it.

One last function, and not the least important, is that we can enable notifications. In case we need to be more concentrated and have the call window in the background, thanks to this function you can activate notifications on the desktop so that they reach you at the moment and that do not interfere in your presentation.

These reactions will be visible for a few seconds, allowing enough time for them to be seen on screen but also not distracting to the presenter.




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