Jamboard: the interactive whiteboard for architects


Technological advances are the engine of all changes. What was previously unthinkable as time goes by is becoming more and more possible. This fact has affected all disciplines, including architecture. More and more, architecture companies need tools that make their ideas and creations real, and allow them to modify them and push them to the limit, thanks to teamwork. This is why the trend is for more and more technologies to appear. One of them is Jamboard , Google's interactive whiteboard , created to increase creativity between teams. We have already talked about it on other occasions, explaining the benefits of its use , or how an agency can make the most of it .

Are you an architect and want to know why you should get one? At Ucloudstore we have written this post to explain the best way to take advantage of Google Jamboard from your architecture studio.

What can you do with the Jamboard if you are an architect?

1. Upload all your projects from Drive

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, one of the advantages of using Jamboard is that you can upload any document you have in Google Drive to the interactive whiteboard. Therefore, it will only be enough to have all your files in the cloud to be able to access them.

2. Add content downloaded from Google

Also, if you need any other document or image that you don't have saved in your Google Drive folder, you can also download it from Google and upload it directly.

3. Edit and modify your projects

One of the features that makes Google Jamboard more interesting is its ability to write and draw directly on your files . This is thanks to its intelligent technology and its stroke recognition , which allows you to sketch and draw in a very natural way on the interactive whiteboard.

Esbozos en Jamboard

This will be very useful in many moments of your project. In the previous phase, you will be able to make sketches and models of your ideas with a very high level of precision. Thanks to the use of various types of content in Jamboard you will be able to capture the essence of your creation to the maximum. An example would be to add the outline of your idea, made with your line, and attach next to it the image of the material that will be used or a video of the environment in which the building will be located.

On the other hand, if you already have the plans of your designs, you can add modifications and annotations directly on top of your Google Jamboard, in a very simple way and that does not harm your original files in any way. Thus, you can share your projects with your team and review them in a very simple way, directly through the interactive whiteboard.

Edición de proyectos en Jamboard

4. Access your projects from any device

In addition, its cloud technology will allow you to access your creations made with the interactive whiteboard from any place and device . This can be very useful, for example, if you are remote in a meeting, since you will see the changes being made in real time. But, in addition, it can also be very useful if you are already in the final phase of a project and you have to visit the building taking the plans with your notes with you.

Acceso a Jamboard desde cualquier dispositivo

Do you want a Jamboard?

In conclusion, Google Jamboard is a very powerful interactive whiteboard that can be very useful if you show plans, graphs or use visual representations in your conferences and meetings. If you want more about it, we have prepared the article Google Jamboard: 5 benefits of its use , so that you can get the most out of it for your company.

Do you want to try it? Request your demo now at UcloudStore! To do this, you just have to fill in the user form with your information and we will contact you! You can also call +34 634 88 78 70 , where our professionals will advise you so that you can implement Google Jamboard in your company in the best way, taking into account the needs of your company and your sector.

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