Google Meet and Zoom come together to give a better experience in video conferences


In the last moment the way of working has changed. In most companies, the hybrid work model, which makes people communicate and collaborate in a different and better way. This is why the choice of a video conferencing solution is essential, since it allows to connect with greater ease, and to have safe and quality meetings. In this context, Google Meet and Zoom are integrated for improve accessibility and experience in video calls.

The interoperability between Google Meet and Zoom means that users of both platforms can join the same meeting or video call, regardless of which platform they use. Zoom currently has an integration with Google Calendar, allowing you to schedule a meeting on Google Calendar and join it through Zoom. However, until now there was no native integration between Google Meet and Zoom that allows users to Join a Meet meeting directly via Zoom.


1. How will the Meet and Zoom integration work?

Once the full integration of both platforms is completed, the complementation will be very useful for all users since Zoom will be compatible with all Meet devices that have the ChromeOS operating system. At the same time, Google Meet will integrate with all Zoom Rooms on all platforms. 

In this sense, companies will benefit since administrators will be able to make use of this interoperability on all devices registered in their organization, and give permissions to other users to join multi-platform calls. In this way it will be much easier communication and collaboration between customers, partners or suppliers.  It is important to note that some advanced featuresFeatures such as polls, wired presentation, and dual-screen support may not be available when using Google Meet to join Zoom meetings and vice versa.

1.1 For administrators

Also, a note for administrators and end users is that the interoperability of Zoom on Meet hardware will be available on devices by default and can be disabled in the Workspace admin console at:

  • Devices > Google Meet hardware > Settings > Device settings > Built-in interop .

Regarding the interoperability of Meet in Zoom Rooms will be off by default and can be enabled from the Zoom administrator at:

  • Room management > Zoom Rooms > Meeting > Support Google Meet web client meetings in Zoom Rooms.

1.2 For end users

In the case of end users in the interoperability of Zoom on Google Meet hardware, When enabled by your administrator, you will be able to join a Zoom meeting from a Google Meet hardware device: 

Join an ad-hoc meeting by tapping “Join or start a meeting” on your touch controller and selecting Zoom from the dropdown options. 

Join a scheduled meeting by adding a room to an event with the Zoom meeting details.  

And similarly, regarding the interoperability in Zoom Rooms, when enabled by the administrator, the user will be able to join a Meet meeting from a Zoom Room:

Join an ad-hoc meeting from your Zoom Room Controller by entering a Google Meet meeting code.

Join a scheduled meeting by adding a room to an event with Google Meet details.


2. Who can make use of interoperability?

First of all, it should be noted that this new integration does not include any additional cost that has to do with this functionality. 

As for the users, all Google Workspace customers they will be able to take advantage of the Zoom interop on Meet hardware. And as Google clarified, all currently supported Google Meet devices that have not yet reached their automatic update expiration date will receive the feature.

Similarly, with regard to the Zoom users, the new functionality is available for all Zoom Rooms customers on a device that is compatible.


3. When will these updates be available? 

As announced by Google, most of the updates for this new integration are already available. During the month of January 2023 the changes were made but some will probably be reflected the following month. 

Admin Settings

  • Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains: Gradual release (up to one week for feature visibility) starting on January 19, 2023

End user availability (on devices)

  • Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains: Gradual release (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on January 26, 2023

Learn about interoperability in Zoom Rooms

  • Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains - Available immediately on January 26, 2023


4. The first devices that include interoperability between Meet and Zoom

The first companies that will offer Meet devices for Android will be Logitech and Poly. Thus, the clients of these two companies will be able to acquire a certain device that will run Google Meet or any other platform. And also, if a customer already has a device, either from Poly or Logitech, that has Android, they will be able to use Meet with a license.

on the part of Logitech, will offer their devices Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini available to use with Google Meet. Both devices are ideal for large or small workgroups, and for medium to large rooms and small to medium rooms.

As for Poly, the family of Poly Studio X which are also based on Android and will be able to work in Google Meet meeting rooms. Studio X30 for small rooms, Studio X50 for medium rooms and Studio X70 for large rooms.


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