How does Google Meet work? The quick and easy guide to read


What is GoogleMeet?

Google Meet is the secure video conferencing system for your company, educational center or institution. This application allows us to keep our work team connected with the interior and exterior of our organization in a professional way, by being integrated into Google's solid and secure global infrastructure. Meet is included in all GSuite and Gsuite for Education plans.

In addition, Google Meet makes it easy to join video calls between work groups. We just need to set up a meeting and share a link. This way, we don't have to worry about whether co-workers or clients have the correct accounts or plugins.

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Why use Google Meet?

With an intelligent and light participant management, Google Meet allows us to make video calls with up to 250 participants in a simple way. From the application we can make video calls for multiple uses:

  1. meetings
  2. Conferences
  3. webinars
  4. tutorials
  5. queries
  6. Lessons
  7. User Support

Thanks to Google Meet you can connect with people inside or outside your institution or work group in the safest and most agile way to offer.

How to start Google Meet?

We can create a meeting in a minute, a characteristic advantage of Meet, as well as the ease of doing it. That's why we teach you how to create video calls with Google Meet is so simple!:

Using Calendar:

  1. Access Google Calendar.
  2. Click on a day on the calendar and set up an event by assigning it a time!
  3. Add the guests to the video call.
  4. Access the Google Meet link that is generated in the event once it is created.
  5. Haz click en «unirse ahora» para acceder a la videollamada.

You can also pass this link through the Gmail chat if you want a user to attend at the last minute!

Using the app

  1. Pulsa el botón «google apps“, located in the upper right corner of your Gmail inbox.
  2. Access the Google Meet app
  3. Haz click en el botón «Iniciar o unirse a una reunión».
  4. Enter the meeting code (in case you join a meeting you must request the code from the organizer). in case you want create a meeting, deberás dejarlo en blanco y pulsar en «continuar».
  5. Haz click en «unirse ahora» para acceder a la videollamada.

functions of google-meet

Google Meet is the ideal video call application for meetings in work environments, since in addition to security, it has functions that make it more complete:

  • Share your screen: Something to teach? The Google video call application allows us to share our screen.
  • Record your video call: With Google Meet you can record the video call. Has anyone missed it? Don't worry, Meet will automatically send the recording to your GMail inbox once it's finished.
  • Activate subtitles: ¡Talking with people from outside our country has never been so easy! You can activate your subtitles whenever you want to more easily follow a conversation in another language.
  • Mute users: If you're giving a class or webinar, you can mute users' microphones to create spaces of silence. (To mute someone, you simply need to click Mute on  .

Implement Google Meet in your company, educational center or institution

Having a video conferencing system in your organization is an agile procedure thanks to the Google Application Suite (G Suite). If you have decided to implement a video call system in your company, school, university or educational center, you can count on the advice of a Google Premier Partner of Google.

At uCloudStore , we advise you on how to get the most out of Google Meet according to the type of company and we accompany you in the migration process. To do this, you just have to fill out our contact form that you will find on our website or, if you wish, you can call us directly at +34 634 88 78 70 . Our professionals in the 'Cloud' will advise you on how to implement Google Meet and the best video conferencing devices to get the most out of your video calls depending on the sector in which you are.


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