Google Meet Series One: Google's new launch for hybrid work

Google Meet Series One

Today, where organizations 94% have become more flexible in where and when employees work, interactive video conferencing devices are essential for more inclusive meetings for teammates, both in the office and remotely. .

Against this backdrop, Google Workspace and Avocor , a leading interactive video conferencing solutions company, have launched two new hardware devices to continue to revolutionize video conferencing and create greater equity in personal and shared meeting spaces. The One Desk 27 and Board 65 are part of Google's Series One meeting room kits, made exclusively for Google Meet. Both are touch video devices designed for any Google Workspace user.


Google Meet Series One Desk 27



The Series One Desk 27 device, created by Google and Avocor with the intention of enhancing work at the desk and in home offices, is intended as a personal collaboration tool. As its name implies, the One Desk 27 features a 27″ touchscreen that automatically adjusts color and brightness for ambient lighting conditions, while simultaneously serving as a desktop monitor and digital whiteboard. includes the Jamboard system, the first hardware product created by Google. The screen itself is touch screen and can also be used with the included stylus as a whiteboard.

In addition, it includes personalized speakers, eight microphones and a 5MP camera, which help to have a more realistic, simple and professional meeting experience. Thanks to Google's artificial intelligence and the desk-monitor format , it is possible to carry out collaborative video calls in the same room. It is easy to use and manipulate as it has an adjustable table stand and can be mounted on the wall to provide more space.


Google Meet Series One Desk 27


 Keep your devices connected to the Series One Desk 27 monitor

With this Google Meet device it is possible to connect via a single USB-C cable to your usual screen and thus use the applications on your laptop on a high-resolution touch screen. Once connected to a laptop, users can easily access all of their files and applications on the Desk 27, including everything in Google Workspace . Also, while Series One Desk 27 by Avocor is designed to be used with Google Meet, the option to connect it to other USB-C devices will allow you to make video calls with any software , while taking advantage of the excellent audio and video experience with the touch screen, Desk 27's digital PTZ camera and sound bar.


 The best of the Google environment, now on your desktop

The Series One Desk 27 by Avocor is designed to perform collaborative video calls, thanks to the integration of Google applications, such as jamboarding which is a google-meet. On the other hand, as it is enabled for Google, an interesting feature is that to start a meeting you just have to touch the calendar, which can be the user's staff or the room resources, or simply say: «Hola Google, únete a la reunión».


Google Meet Series One Board 65



For its part, the Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor device is characterized by having a 65″ interactive touch screen and, unlike the Desk 27 that facilitates personal collaboration, it is designed to work as a team and bring together groups of work to collaborate and communicate efficiently 100%. Its structure allows it to be mounted on a wall or placed on a support specifically designed to provide mobility and gather equipment at any time and place.

Thanks to its interactive touch screen, Board 65 connects both face-to-face and remote meeting platforms , allowing all participants to contribute to the meeting. Team laptops can also be connected via USB-C for power, device control and content sharing.


Board 65 also includes the same audio experience TrueVoice Like Desk 27, this is Google Workspace's multi-channel noise cancellation technology, which detects and eliminates sounds from outside, while improving the pickup of human voices, even in noisy environments. This model also features a digital PTZ camera, array of microphones and speakers, support for voice-activated controls with “Hey Google,” and native integration with the Google Jamboard app. Like Desk 27, a simple touch of your finger or the included stylus on the on-screen calendar is enough to instantly launch Google Meet.

Avocor's One Desk 27 and Board 65 Series devices feature sleek, elegant designs that are intuitive and easy to use , including an optically bonded display. Both are optimized for a natural writing angle, with anti-fingerprint glass for a highly responsive writing experience, using your fingers, palms or stylus.


New and better hardware options for Google Workspace users

Both Avocor 's Google Meet Series One Desk 27 and Avocor's Google Meet Series One Board 65 are currently available for pre-order. Approximate general availability is expected in January 2022 for the One Desk 27 and Q1 2022 for the Board 65.









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