Gmail for companies: if you read this post you will want to hire it


Gmail is Google 's email par excellence. One of the best known, it has become the main alternative to Outlook that can be found (if you have not yet read G Suite vs Office 365: 6 keys to choose G Suite , we recommend that you do so). In this way, it is common to find many users who have their personal account with the domain However, if you are a company, you will be interested to know that Gmail also has its service for companies , with the G Suite plans. Want to know why you should switch to a Gmail business account?

We explain it to you in this post!

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How can I have my Gmail account for companies?

To begin with, it is important to know that the Gmail service for companies goes hand in hand with G Suite . G Suite is a suite of cloud-based professional services from Google . When you sign up for a G Suite plan, you get your professional Gmail email. If it is not clear to you and you want more information, you can read G Suite: what it is and why take it into account in 2019 .

If, on the contrary, you have already decided and want to switch to G Suite, you can read our post G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise: which plan to choose , since in this we recommend which is the most suitable plan for your company.

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Why Gmail for Business?

1. Own domain

It's one of the main reasons why your business should move to G Suite. Whether or not you have your own domain influences the perception that your clients or public may have regarding your professionalism. In this way, for them it is not the same that you give them your contact with a mail style, than one type Aunque el primero no tenga nada de malo, es más propio de una cuenta personal que de una empresa. Esto influye negativamente en tu imagen de marca, ya que posiblemente te verán «menos profesional». Es por esto que it is very important to have a personalized domain for your company.

Imagen del inicio de sesión de una cuenta Google

2. Simple, easy to use and intuitive mail

As we have already said, Gmail is one of the most used emails . So if your professional account is not yet Gmail, but you are thinking of switching to it, it may be a good option. Most likely, you or your team are already familiar with its interface , either by having a personal account or having used it at some point or another. In this way, the process of adapting to the application will be much easier and faster than with other software.

3. Customizable profile

Another relevant aspect in professional emails is the possibility of personalizing it. On the one hand, it is important that the members of your team have a professional signature from your company. With Gmail you will have at your disposal the option to add it, without any problem. In addition, the appearance of your interface is fully customizable, so you can add your logo to the inbox and customize it with your corporate colors .

Imagen de la firma de Gmail para empresas personalizada

4. Settings of your Gmail account

The configuration possibilities of Gmail accounts for companies can also be very interesting for you. In the event that you or a member of your team is out of the office for a few days, you have the possibility to configure an automatic response to all the messages you receive during that period of time.

Imagen de una respuesta automática en Gmail para Empresas

5. Gmail, along with G Suite apps and options

In addition, apart from benefiting from the advantages of using your Gmail account configured for companies, you can count on all the G Suite apps. In this way, your business would have apps that improve the creativity which is a collaboration of your team, in addition to advanced security, search and account management options, designed for business. If you want to know more about them or what options they have depending on the chosen plan, you can read G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise: Which plan to choose.

Imagen de las aplicaciones de G Suite, junto a Gmail para empresas

6. Google Drive, with more space and team drives

Among the applications that you have with your Google account is Drive . This file and data storage application in the cloud has more possibilities if you are a G Suite user.

On the one hand, you have the possibility of having more space than the free accounts have by default (15 GB). In this case, you can have 30 GB (Basic), 1 TB (Business with less than 5 users) or unlimited space (Business with more than 5 users and in Enterprise). This is good not only to be able to save more files. You will also have more space available to store your Gmail messages .

On the other hand, there are team drives , collaborative folders that you can create based on team members or departments, which you wouldn't have without G Suite.

Are you ready to sign up for G Suite?

If after reading this post, you want to sign up for G Suite, to get your Gmail business account and benefit from all its advantages, you can enter our website . If you are still not sure which plan to choose: G Suite Basic , Business and Enterprise , you can contact UcloudStore through our contact form or by calling +34 634 88 78 70 . Our experts will advise you so that you can incorporate the devices that suit your business and sector.

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