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In the era of digitization, one of the most important tools for all companies are computers . It seems basic, but they have become a fundamental pillar, whatever the sector. That is why it is important to take into account the needs that businesses have when choosing one. In this post we explain what are the criteria for choosing computers for companies and which ones we recommend .


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Computers for companies: how to choose them

1. Size and light weight

The needs of professionals have changed: it is increasingly common for them to ask for portable devices , which are small and light , in order to work from anywhere. This is due to the growing demand for teleworking possibilities and the need to take the computer anywhere.

On the other hand, this is even more evident in jobs where commuting and travel are essential. In all cases, portability has become essential.

Trabajar a distancia con Chromebook


2. Ease of remote collaboration

Related to the previous point, telecommuting , remote work and travel make it necessary to have a good remote collaboration system. In addition, in cases where work is done in person, it is also highly recommended that the entire environment of the employee be as collaborative as possible to improve their productivity. In this way, the computers chosen also have to take this criterion into account.


3. Long battery life

It is for all the above that, in addition, it is relevant to add to the selection criteria a good battery life that guarantees the use of the computer throughout the day without constantly depending on the charger.

Como implementar el teletrabajo


4. Simple and less expensive maintenance

Bearing in mind that computers are basic for companies, the easier their maintenance is, the less the investment and maintenance costs will be . This will positively affect the ROI of acquiring your business computers.


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Chromebook: computers for companies

Taking into account everything said above, you will be thinking: and what computers meet all the points discussed above? Well, maybe you didn't know them, but Google has some laptops totally designed to improve the day-to-day life of companies: Google Chromebooks . These business laptops are fully cloud-based and take collaborative work to the extreme, making them a good option for any business.

business computer models

It is for this reason that, if what you want is a computer that takes all these criteria into account and that is completely cloud-based, we suggest some of the professional Chromebook models. Some models like the Pixelbook Go, Acer Spin 13 or HP Chromebook x360 are ideal for businesses.


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