Cloud storage: Start 2020 prepared

Almacenamiento en la nube: inicia el 2020 preparado

There is less time left until the end of the year, and many of us are already preparing for 2020. I don't know if this happens to you too, but this change of decade impacts us. If we review the last 10 years, we see that everything has evolved towards the digital world. Storage methods, too. Left behind are physical servers, hard drives and thousands of backup copies on many devices. It is the era of cloud storage.

If you are not yet aware of this service, read this post and don't let your company be left behind.

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What is cloud storage?

He cloud storage It is a type of service that stores and manages shape files remote, on servers that are in the cloud. In other words, all files and information are not saved on physical devices, but are In the net and can be accessed from the online platform of your choice.

Why is it the best option for my company?

Have services cloud storage has multiple advantages for the companies. It is for this reason that a large part of today's companies are switching to this type of services. These include:

1. Access from anywhere and device

The main advantage of using platforms cloud storage is your access from multiple devices that are authorized. This is beneficial in multiple situations such as:

  • International companies with headquarters in different cities and access from different locations.
  • Employees who telework partially or completely, and who need to access files from anywhere.
  • Use of different devices, so it is necessary to have the data within reach from any of them.

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2. Advanced security

Some think that because all the data is in the cloud, the system is less secure. Well really, it's just the opposite. On the one hand, this prevents data from being lost and avoids making many backup copies on different devices and hard drives.

On the other hand, at a more advanced level, it is a much more secure system, since it has the service provider security standards, and not those of the company itself. For example, if you have Google Drive, you will have the Google security standards.

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3. Search systems

Some platforms that provide cloud storage services, such as Google Cloud (Google Drive), have other applications to do advanced file searches. Additionally, not only can you search for files, but you can filter searches by including keywords, images, and other criteria. This is thanks to platforms like Cloud Search.

4. Better organization

All the previous points plus other tools that these applications come with, make the level of organization of the company higher. This also allows for increased productivity, since it is much easier access all the information and is located in less time.

Do you want to hire your cloud storage services?

As you will see, there is no reason why you should continue back. Cloud storage is the future and you know it. If this 2020 you want your company to take the definitive leap, start searching among the options that best suit you. Among them is Google Drive, which comes in a pack for companies with the G Suite licenses (from 5.20? a month, and with 30 GB of storage).

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