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Imagine the situation: the day finally arrived. After months of hard work, you are about to close the most important client for your business. After a difficult year, with his arrival, your organization will not only achieve the goals for the year, but you will also get that promotion you have been waiting for. Everything is finalized: at 9:00 am he comes to your office to leave everything well tied up. You've spent the whole week preparing a presentation that will blow him away. But... you have it on your computer and in your rush and nerves you have left it at home (Murphy's Law, right?). You look at your watch, it's 8:50. Going back for him is not an option, making him wait is synonymous with losing him. What are you doing? . Discover Maria's story and how Chrome OS has saved her from more than one .

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Maria is an excellent professional. After months of hard work, you have managed to get a client that will open many doors for you. At last he will achieve that position for which he has fought so hard . You've got everything ready: a 20-slide presentation, a fact sheet about your company, and a video that will blow your mind. And just when everything is done, he leaves everything at home . What a mess! you will think Well yes, we will not deny it. With this mistake, in any other company, it would be possible that, apart from not getting this promotion, his position is at stake.

However, she is calm . Because? You know you have more Chrome OS devices at the office. And what good is this to you? All you need to do is turn on one device – as easy as pressing a button – to get you out of this life-and-death situation on the job.

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And the files?

Surely you are thinking what is the use of opening a device, if it does not have your files on it. Will you redo the 20-page presentation? Will you improvise something? He doesn't have time to do either, not by a long shot. The solution is much easier. There it goes.

After Maria turns on one of the Chrome OS devices she has in the office, all she has to do is enter her username. Something as simple as this will suffice to open up your desktop. Yes, as you listen. You can access your data on a device other than yours just by entering your data . In this way, in a second, Maria accesses all the content and applications that she had on her device . Everything is ready for your presentation!

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How will it open other documents? 

After all the nerves, the presentation has been a success . You didn't expect it, did you? The client is delighted with María and her company, so she decides to show her his Marketing expenses. However , the spreadsheet that it brings to show you its most relevant data is not from G Suite . Another setback! An Office document. It seems that everything is against Maria.

Do not panic! Here's the least of the issues: Any Chrome OS device can open an Office 365 document . You only need to have the Office Online extension.

Video de Office 365 en Chrome OS

And to save and close?

At the end of the day, everything has been a scare. Maria will have to be more attentive next time and not leave anything at home. But as you will have seen, for her this situation is not a drama . In a few seconds you have had all your documents on another device. And if you want to keep them? It's all in the cloud . You just have to close the window, log out, and when you enter your device everything will be saved.

So simple and fast . Lucky! Surely something similar has happened to all of us, with the difference that in the end we have not been able to hold our meeting or we have had to go back for our laptop. Don't you want more to happen to you? Do like her and switch to Chrome OS.

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Do you still have any questions?

If you are still not sure about the implementation of Chrome OS devices in your company, at UcloudStore we want to help you by solving your doubts. You can contact us through the contact form that you will find on our website or by calling +34 634 88 78 70 . Our professionals in Chrome laptops will guide you based on the size of your company and the needs of your sector.


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