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Currently, both google with ?Google Cloud Platform? What Microsoft with ?Azure?, provide various solutions in the cloud. In both cases, these solutions are focused on diverse audiences, whether they are small or large organizations.

among the best alternatives to microsoft azure, Google Cloud Platform is found as the main competitor, and tBoth of one and the other we can find guides and documentation for the various situations that may arise.

The strongest point of specialized exclusively in Google is the Easy to use that the platform offers thanks to its friendly UI, which allows not only the technicians to be the ones who can deploy the different applications. From the comfort of the interface we can, for example, create a virtual machine in a few steps and assign the configurations we need, CPU, RAM, disks, etc. We can also create buckets in Cloud Storage in just 2 clicks, to be able to store all our files.

The remarkable thing is that the aforementioned and the vast majority of tools have this benefit, but we can also do it through CLI, giving the possibility of having the commands ready to execute and make these routine tasks faster.

As if that were not enough, Google offers us a code editor, simultaneously with the console integrated into the browser, where we can navigate between the files that we have in our GCP user, and modify their content in an interface very similar to VSCode. .

Starting from storage to data processing, computing services to cloud network management, both offer specific modules for each point, each with its respective module, in this case Google once again stands out for its great versatility and integration capacity, either with its own tools or third-party tools.


1. ¿Qué es Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure es una plataforma de nube pública de Microsoft que ofrece una amplia gama de servicios de computación, almacenamiento, análisis y redes. Los servicios de Azure se pueden utilizar para crear y ejecutar aplicaciones web, móviles, de escritorio y de IoT.

Azure funciona mediante el uso de una red global de centros de datos. Los centros de datos de Azure están ubicados en todo el mundo, lo que permite que los usuarios accedan a sus datos y aplicaciones desde cualquier lugar.

Algunas de las ventajas de contar con Microsoft Azure son:

  • Flexibility: Azure permite a las empresas escalar sus recursos de forma rápida y sencilla según sea necesario.
  • Eficiencia: Puede ayudar a las empresas a reducir sus costos de TI.
  • Security: También ofrece una amplia gama de funciones de seguridad para proteger los datos y las aplicaciones de las empresas.
  • Innovación: La nube pública de Microsoft ofrece a las empresas acceso a las últimas tecnologías.


2. Comparativa Google Cloud platform vs Azure

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, both providers offer cloud solutions for different problems or needs. In the following table we will show some of the alternatives to Microsoft Azure that GCP offers.


Solution Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform
file storage blob storage cloud-storage
Virtual machines Virtual Machines Compute Engine
Container Orchestrator Kubernetes Services Kubernetes Engine
Function as a Service functions Cloud Functions
Load Balancing load balancer Load Balancing
SQL Databases Synapse BigQuery
Analysis and visualization data bricks clouddataflow
containers Container Instances Cloud Run


In a macro view in both cases we can find various solutions among which we highlight:

Virtual Machines

Mount microservices in containers

Kubernetes for cluster orchestras

Structured and unstructured data storage

ETL processes

Monitoring of the tools used

security services

load balancer

User and permission management

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Control all the changes that happen through Logs


3. Soporte 24×7

So much Azure What GCP they have a Service support. From the documentation that allows you to have an in-depth understanding of the different tools, to explanatory videos and test laboratories.

There is also teams specialized in different solutions, capable of accompanying from the moment the problem to be solved arises, going through the planning of the architecture, proofs of concept, up to the implementation.

In conjunction with this, they also have the option of providing training for the correct use of the platform, deployment of tools and maintenance.


4. Ventajas GCP sobre Azure

Among the advantages that we find in google cloud we highlight:

Pricing: Google charges not only for the active service, but also for the consumption generated by that service. It also allows you to control expenses on a daily basis both at the project level and granularly, thus seeing the consumption for each module in use.
This together with the next point makes GCP the best option.

Auto-scaling: Many of the tools that we can deploy require a VM, among the configurations that may exist, Google offers the ability to raise or lower these resources in relation to the need for computing.

UI/UX: The GCP interface is intuitive, easy to use, and allows for a wide variety of configurations without the need for a high technical level.
Although for more advanced or large-scale solutions you will need specialists, for small projects or tests it will be fine to have only basic knowledge.

Documentation and learning: both written and video documentation is available for each of their tools.
It also has QuickLabs, a platform where there are free courses for the different solutions, which in turn allow you to prepare for the different GCP certifications.

Security: Google does not differentiate between large and small customers when it comes to protecting information.
Regardless of consumption or if it is a small project, it will always be under the greatest care.


5. Conclusiones

All cloud companies are constantly working on creating innovative technologies and thus provide new and better functions, so it is common to see that they generate new solutions, and with this the competition in turn ends up developing its own tool focused on the same type of solution.

Microsoft Azure is focused on solutions enterprise level, taking advantage of its Office suite and the immense amount of market it has thanks to this.

Nevertheless, specialized exclusively in Google have an answer to this with your suite of cloud-based tools. Esto sumado a su gran capacidad de integración entre sus herramientas y de 3ros hace que día a día se posicione más fuerte como una de las world leaders as a provider of cloud solutions.


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