5 advantages of working in the cloud

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Lately you will have heard a lot about companies that are working in the cloud. Although it may sound very abstract to you, working in the cloud is one of the current trends in many companies. Doing so generates a host of benefits for businesses, notably increasing productivity and collaboration between teams.


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5 advantages of working in the cloud

1. Significant savings

Working in the cloud implies great savings for companies in all senses:

  • Time savings : thanks to working in the cloud, processes are much faster and simpler, since collaboration from any device and remotely increases team productivity.
  • Economic savings : it also implies economic savings by not having to have a physical server, the space that it entails and all the maintenance expenses.
  • Software savings : Many cloud work platforms such as Google Cloud have a variety of integrated applications (G Suite) that allow you to work directly in the cloud. These also have automatic updates, so you waste less time on them.


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2. More storage space

Working in the cloud saves computer storage space , thus freeing up a significant amount of space. In addition, some cloud application platforms, such as G Suite , also allow unlimited cloud space depending on the company's plan and employees.


3. Work from anywhere, remotely and without loss

One of the most significant advantages of working in the cloud is that in some cases you can work remotely from anywhere and on the same document . This greatly facilitates remote collaboration, without having to create different versions of the same document and avoiding losing essential information for the company.

Trabajando con un Chromebook para mejorar productividad


4. More security

The security standards of many of the platforms for working in the cloud are very high. On the one hand, because data loss is avoided thanks to automatic saving. On the other, since they have advanced options to be able to choose the accessibility to the documents, who can edit or download them and from which devices they can do it. In addition, some platforms, like G Suite, also have applications to more easily find the data.


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5. Ease of use

Finally, applications for working in the cloud usually have options to improve the user experience and make working on them much easier. These tools are very easy to learn to use and work directly.


Do you want to start working in the cloud?

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