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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Discover Google's infrastructure to build, deploy, and scale apps and websites on Google.

What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Platform is the infrastructure massive and on the cloud of Google, which operates the traffic and work of all Google users. Its services are mainly based on the creation and implementation of applications and websites with Google.

It stands out for its wide range of services, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS). It has solutions Databasescloud storage and networking. Additionally, GCP customers can access the cloud console.

Why move to Google Cloud Platform?

What is Google Cloud Platform for? Discover its advantages over other alternatives.

+ security

GCP is a platform with a high-level security model, ensuring that all data is secure and that all data protection regulations are met.

Less costs

That the entire system is in the cloud allows companies to not constantly depend on the latest technologies and reduce maintenance costs.


It adapts to the needs of each company, allowing it to start with more basic services and expand its services as it grows. Read more about the google scalable cloud.


The use of the cloud allows for control and management from any authorized company device, so it is not limited to the physical space of traditional servers.


You will be able to innovate thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, with functionalities that are accessible and easy to implement throughout the company.

How to get started with Google Cloud?

What services does Google Cloud Platform offer?


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Compute Engine

It is the IaaS (Service Infrastructure) from Google. It makes it possible to create virtual machines in the cloud on demand. It stands out for building a Data Center in minutes and securing the infrastructure with Disaster Recovery.

High infrastructure cost

It is a PaaS (Platform as a service) that allows the growth of applications with Google as the infrastructure manager. Its self-administration makes it more scalable and with better results.

Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes allows the orchestration of containers in the cloud, building your own clusters and managing them in the cloud. Read more about Google Kubernetes Engine.



Multi-region storage capabilities are perfect for distributing content to users with geographic redundancy. This secures your data, since it is replicated in different regions of the world.


Ideal for storing data that is accessed from usual way in the same region. These data are located in a specific region.


This option is intended to store data to which not accessed frequently, such as backups, backups, archiving or disaster recovery.


Aimed at storing files in a long period of time, whether for legal reasons, historical backups or audits. (1 access or less per year). The cost is minimal per GB of storage.



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Cloud Virtual Network

Allows you to provision GCP resources, connect them, and isolate them from each other in a virtual private cloud (VPC).

Google Cloud Load Balancing

Manage the network traffic to distribute it across your infrastructure and redirect requests between regions to bring them closer to consumers.

Content Delivery Network

Speed up distribution of content on websites and apps. Reduce latency of the network, its costs and improves the user experience.

Cloud Interconnect

Connect your infrastructure to the fiber optic network from Google Datacenters, to have a higher quality service than standard Internet connections.

Cloud Domain Name System

Make your service consumed in the cloud, making it scalable, reliable, administered and accredited. It guarantees 100% its availability.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Cloud Machine Learning

Perfect for creation and production of advanced learning models automatic. It offers preparation and prediction services to meet the needs of users.

Big Data

Use the tools to Google Big Data and make the most of the data collected by your business. Store, access and process all the information you want.


This tool is useful for monitor and alert. This allows you to have control over the cloud infrastructure and create detailed event systems.

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Google Cloud Platform success stories

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?This fully operational Google Cloud Platform solution will act as a model for future Sky projects. "We can capture all the diagnostic data in GCP and use it to inform our future strategy."

? Oliver Tweedie, Director of Data Engineering, Sky

Sky and Google Cloud

Learn how Sky scaled with a data-driven decision-making strategy with Google Cloud Platform.
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"With BigQuery, we help provide Banca Mediolanum with a single point of access to data from very different sources, be it Google Analytics 360, social networks, CRM or campaigns."

? Leonardo Biagioli, data engineer, BitBang

Mediolanum Banking and Google Cloud

Discover how Banca Mediolanum managed to improve its marketing campaigns by integrating Google Ad Manager, Analytics and Ads with BigQuery.

Google Cloud Platform pricing

Google Cloud Platform It has an innovative pricing system that allows companies to achieve much more, for a lower price. This is thanks to the hiring of microservices with scalable pay per use that allow payment per use. On average, it allows companies save up to a 35% in workloads.

No advance payments

When you contract GCP, you don't have to pay for services up front.

Pay per use

The GCP payment system is by use. Therefore you only pay for the services that your company needs. If you are a GCP customer, you can also use the console by Cloud.

Billing per second

Google Cloud Platform has a system of billing per second.

No cancellation fee

You can cancel Google Cloud Platform without any penalty or cancellation fee.

Does Google Cloud Platform offer certifications?

If you like develop your GCP skills or do you need a highly qualified team and effective, you can access Google Cloud Platform certifications

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