Google Chromebit

Google Chromebit is a powerful HDMI device powered by Google Chrome OS and manufactured by ASUS. Despite its small size, when connected to an HDMI port on a device such as a TV, it turns that screen into a personal computer.

Chromebit devices

Google ChromebitAt just 12cm long, it is the smallest Chrome OS device in the Google computer range. It has Automatic Updates and antivirus protection allowing you to always enjoy the latest features with maximum security. It is very easy to configure, you just have to log in to your Google account. He Google Chromebit allows you to work from anywhere, if you work online, through the cloud. It is also ideal for digital signage, live presentations and for companies that have kiosk computers.

This little device will make your daily life at work much simpler

Google chromebit ucloud

Connection to any HDMI port

Small size

It measures only 12 cm long and weighs 75 grams.


Chrome OS Operating System

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Google's smallest computer is in uCloud

Google Chromebit Features

What does Google Chromebit give you?


The Google Chromebit allows you to enjoy a perfect wireless connection, thanks to the fact that it has Wi-FI 802.11 ac Dual band and Bluetooth 4.0.


Thanks to its automatic updates, you will be able to get the most out of the latest features and have the safest antivirus protection.


The Chromebit is the ideal device for sharing, additional users can be added, and their data will be stored safely and separately. Each user will be able to access their account easily.

Google Drive

This device has 100 GB of free space on Google Drive. You can take all your information with you wherever you want.

Features of Google's smallest computer

He Google Chromebit, is an aesthetic device, which is stands out for its speed, small size and good portability. This device has a Chrome OS operating system, a Rockchip Quad-Core Processor that makes it a powerful device despite its size. It is integrated with 2 GB Memory and 16 GB storage, measures only 12 cm long and weighs 75 grams.

All this makes it a fast, light and powerful device, with all the capabilities of a computer and very easy to connect. The Google Chromebit will be your best ally at work.

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