Workspace Tech Labs: Central America and Latam

Do you want to get the most out of Google Workspace in your company?

Our Google Workspace onboardings and AppSheet They are the perfect way to start using these powerful tools. collaboration and productivity. We offer weekly sessions adapted to your needs, so you can learn to use them correctly. fast and effective.

Weekly sessions 2024

1pm (The Savior) - 2pm (Colombia) - 3pm (Chili)

What is the content of the sessions?

User Training: Basic

Getting started with Google Workspace: Learn about the different apps and services included in Google Workspace and how they can help you be more productive.

Advantages of GW over other solutions, including generalities

For Gmail: Signatures, email templates, auto-responder, labels and filters. Integration with other services 

For Drive: Explain what is Drive? What is Shared Drive? Difference between Drive and Shared Drive, Drive permissions. GW Office Automation (Basic Functions)

For Chat and Spaces: Creating spaces, how to contact others, chat functions

For Meet: How to create video calls, call recording, rooms, etc.

For Calendar: Invite calendars, create events, subscribe to calendars, set work hours

Drive and Office Collaboration

Administration Console: Introduction

Introduction to the management console

How to use the management console
Learn how to add, delete, and manage users and groups in Google Workspace
Creating user and group aliases
Administration roles and permissions

Application access and policies

How to manage user access to Google apps
Google services permissions (Gmail, Drive, Calendar)


Module 1: Introduction to AppSheet

Introduction to AppSheet

What is AppSheet?

Benefits of using AppSheet

AppSheet Use Cases

AppSheet Basics

AppSheet Components

AppSheet Development Basics

AppSheet UI

Creating a basic application

Connect to a data source

Creating views

Add actions and business logic

Module 2: Advanced Application Development

Using advanced components



Data management in AppSheet

Creating and editing tables

Relationships between tables

Module 3: Application Deployment and Management

Application deployment

Publishing apps to AppSheet

Distribution of applications to users

AppSheet integration with other systems

Use of APIs and web services

Process automation

Management Console: Advanced Security

Security politics

How to configure security policies? (2SV, Less secure apps)
Reports and audit

Advanced security and data protection
Context Aware Access

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