Avoid increasing VMware licensing costs thanks to Google Cloud

Migrate and transform your VMware workloads without modifying your applications, tools or processes.


Integrated VMware experience

Unlike other solutions, we simplify the use of VMware services and tools with unified identities, management, support, and monitoring, while providing all the licensing, cloud services, and billing you need.

Fast provisioning and scaling

Take advantage of cloud elasticity and scaling: Using rapid provisioning, you can launch a new private cloud in about 30 minutes with dynamic resource management and auto-scaling.

Use well-known third-party apps in the cloud

Continue using core business apps in the cloud without making changes. Google Cloud VMware Engine integrates with leading database, storage, disaster recovery, and ISV backup solutions.

Do you have VMware in your business?

Did you know that Broadcom bought VMware and changed the type of licensing?

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