Domina success story

Democratize information and creation of Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Colaborador global en Google: uCloud. Descubre las soluciones en la nube con nuestra oferta de colores. Explora ahora.

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About Domina

Dominate is a Colombian company with more than 34 years of experience in specialized logistics, digital and BPO services.

It stands out for its ability to adapt services to the specific needs of each client, offering security, trust, innovation and committed employees. Its objective is to provide unique results through solid relationships, proprietary technology, and direct coverage in logistics operations.

About uCloud

uCloud is the partner and collaborator specialized in Google at a global level, offering all our expertise and knowledge, accompanied by services, for an agile implementation of Google solutions.

Our mission: Implant solutions in an agile and safe way Google Workspace and GCP in medium and large companies in Latin America and other markets, with Infra, Data, AI and Security.

Our vision: Be the Partner Top 1 in Latam in 2025 and one of the Top 5 global references for Google solutions.

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How did uCloud help Domina?


Creation and implementation of all the architecture necessary to develop a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse

Increased organizational efficiency and asynchronous collaborative work

+ Platform unification
+ New tools
+ Better use of digital tools by employees


Implement Google Workspace with a Partner, for training, license management and personalized technical support

Application of a mix of plans for internal and external personnel

Use of collaborative tools:
+ Google Calendar
+ Google Chat
+ Google Meet
+ Google Drive


Cost reduction, better management of the IT department and integration of apps

Time savings, greater efficiency and asynchronous communication

Teamwork in a more comfortable, functional and agile way, avoiding unnecessary meetings
" Applying a Data Lake and a Data Ware House together with Vertex has allowed Domina to improve its ratios by 20% "
John Andersson Cardoso
Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence